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Drowning in dollars!

Discussion in 'Melbourne | Uber Drivers Forum' started by Bases Loaded, Jun 23, 2017.

  1. Bases Loaded

    Bases Loaded Member

    I would love to thank Uber for the opportunity to be my own boss and earn up to $30 an hour! It's so much fun!

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    Drove all the way from Fawkner to Croydon, 1 trip for minimim rate.

    Similarly yesterday, from South Melb to Fawkner for NO trips: "made" $60 for 4.5 hours.

    Full-time Uber is dead.
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  2. eXploitation

    eXploitation Active Member

    Not sure why peeps thought an open entry uncapped supply of cars would lead to anything half decent
    Wouldnt matter how high rates were

    Oh i just thought of something
    Getting an eighty percent tax writeoff on your pride and joy
    Supposedly doing a heap of kays roaming around looking for a ping
    And after a year using the 20k writeoff rule did i really make that much of a business loss? Oh well gave it a try better stick to my day job
    Thank you gooba!
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  3. HumungousDill

    HumungousDill Active Member

    It started dying in 2015 when they dropped the rates from $1.40/km, the nail in tbe coffin came Feb 2016 when they dropped rates to $1.0/km (supposedly to increase driver's earnings :D:rolleyes:). You could then no longer make a sustainable living despite driving ridiculously long hours and running up excessive dead kms.
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  4. Bases Loaded

    Bases Loaded Member

    In an unlikely turn of events...

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  5. HumungousDill

    HumungousDill Active Member

    $30/hr ? You're short changing yourself mate. According to Uber's advertising it's "Earn as much as you want" :rolleyes:
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