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General Questions

Discussion in 'Sydney | Uber Drivers Forum' started by Dreiszler, Jan 14, 2021.

  1. Hi,

    I am completely new to rideshare and would like to do Uber full time for a few months. Currently I am renting a Camry from UCar to do this during the day and night because my normal car does not qualify for UberX, but my normal car DOES qualify for Uber Eats (according to their requirements). There were just some questions I had with starting out (I've only been driving for a couple months) -

    1. Are airport trips worth it? It seems like there are so many tolls you have to go through and fees that Syd Airport charges just to WAIT for the hope of a trip. Once you get a trip, is it worth the wait and fees? Especially with the current travel climate?

    2. Is $1000 a week an unrealistic goal to achieve doing purely UberX? I don;t have a car big enough for UberXL and I don;t think I would be able to afford one.

    3. I am aiming to get rid of the Camry eventually and just use my normal car for Uber Eats full time but I am afraid it might be significantly less. Is Uber Eats something that can be done full time?

    4. With Tax and BAS statements, is it better to get an accountant to do all that for me? Do I need to keep all my dockets? I vaguely remember seeing something on Kath and Kim about the BAS.

    Sorry for the long post and sorry if the questions are dumb, I am just really in the dark about this and any piece of advice, no matter how tiny will be hugely appreciated!!


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