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GoCatch app issues

Discussion in 'GoCatch - All Cities, Australia' started by Nill, Oct 25, 2017.

  1. Nill

    Nill New Member

    I've noticed today that the app goes to sleep now when running in the background (Android). No wonder there are no pings for a few days again. The Android system puts the app into power saving mode, deep sleep. The app restarts only when brought to the foreground.

    This new app (version?) seems very buggy and poorly designed.

    Definitely not the right way to compete with Uber.

    GoCatchers! (i'm sure you are here and watching ;) ). Please fix your app already.
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2017
  2. river view

    river view New Member

    Good to see a GoCatch forum and get some feedback about Gocatch operations. My wife and I do some accounting for small/medium companies and I can see many Gocatch invoices go through the accounts.
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  3. Nill

    Nill New Member

    What are your thoughts about doing Uber/Gocatch and using a company ABN (not as sole trader). The company owns the car.
  4. river view

    river view New Member

    Creating a company has establishment cost and ongoing business registration cost. Not sure if the costs of establishing a company are justified for an individual. However, for a number of like minded individuals establishing a company may form the basis for resource pooling, sharing costs and exploiting the value of vehicles.
  5. Nill

    Nill New Member

    I forgot to mention its an existing company, already running more than 10 years. I guess my question is should the ATO be ok with that. I've heard elsewhere one must operate as a sole trader and only use a personal ABN. Does this make any sense?
  6. Little Red Corvette

    Little Red Corvette New Member

    I run GoCatch in conjunction with uber on my Android.

    Have been running GoCatch for 2 weeks now, today I got my first ride from Zetland to Ultimo.

    The Android putting the GoCatch app to sleep in the background makes sense to me and may be the reason for the almost non existent rides I have gotten from GoCatch so far. I generally tend to toggle the two apps uber and GoCatch every few minutes whilst waiting for a ride from either. Coming to think of it today's first ever GoCatch ride I received was within 1 minute of logging onto GoCatch and keeping it running in the foreground.
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