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Is OLA good money?

Discussion in 'Australia | Ola Forum' started by Sebastian, Jul 4, 2018.

  1. Sebastian

    Sebastian New Member

    How do you rate OLA ? I wanna signup with them. Any comments and feedback appreciated.
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  2. coolair

    coolair Member

    They are pretty good when you do get a ping, seemed to have died a little lately.

    They charge only 10% commission, passengers pay the GST. No upfront pricing bullshit.

    App leaves a lot to be desired but it works. They pay daily.

    Definitely recommended.
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  3. Sebastian

    Sebastian New Member

    Thanks for that @coolair. What are their signup events like? Saw one listed for tomorrow at PCYC in Marrickville
  4. coolair

    coolair Member

    I am not sure, i've never been to one. I did the sign up all via the app.
  5. I think they charge 15% commission.

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