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Proposed Class Action Against Uber [by an independent driver]

Discussion in 'Adelaide, Canberra | Uber Drivers Forum' started by Ron, Jun 27, 2019.

  1. Ron

    Ron New Member

    Howdy all,
    First off, I have permission to post this thread from Max.

    At the time of writing this, Maurice Blackburn Lawyers recently filed a Class Action Suit against UBER for the Taxi & Hire car industry. Please note, I am registered in this.

    This suit includes hire car operators/drivers in other states, google & consider registering if this affects you.
    Note, that there's a time limit to register for each state.

    I'm currently searching for previous or current drivers that experienced any forms of account abuse from Uber support. If I'm able, I will be submitting a class action suit for "Sham agreement, workplace bullying and harassment", to Maurice Blackburn Lawyers which will forward this proposal to Harbour Fund III, L.P. that is currently funding the Taxi Class action.
    Depending on the outcome of this, they might consider funding my action against Uber.

    I urge any drivers to come forward, If you can provide written evidence of abuse and willing to see a law suit through to the end.
    Account abuse can be;-
    *Repeated incorrect invoices. Pay rate/Time stamps manipulation, boost/surge inaccuracies, Km inaccuracies Etc.
    *Repeated generic emails
    *Account & document manipulation.
    *Unfair account deactivation or suspension.
    *3rd party scams.

    **Note, drivers can be from any states**
    Please Pm with any details.

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  2. Edward Rolfe

    Edward Rolfe New Member

    Hi, Ron.

    Thanks for posting this. How are things tracking?

    I am currently going through an issue with Uber in relation to them arbitrarily deactivating my (highly rated, complemented, and tipped) account on grounds of alleged "guidelines violations" that they refuse to elaborate on.

    I am persistently chasing them to provide some context on the alleged violations, but they continually push back - citing "privacy policy and protecting anonymity of rider". I have pointed out that they can provide more detail on the reported violations without breaching anonymity. I am wating for them to reply....

    I have submitted some 'harsh' (candid) survey comments regarding the Uber (CR)App, and I wonder if this is what's behind their actions.

    I beleive that Uber needs to substantiate allegations - not just say they've conducted an internal review of my account and are satisfied that their decision to deactivate my account is correct. I'd be intereseted to hear your thoughts/intel in regard to this.



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