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Reply to input/questions from drivers on the overly censored UberPeople forum

Discussion in 'Melbourne | Uber Drivers Forum' started by admin, Dec 27, 2017.

  1. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    As many of you are aware, members of the RSDU are banned from posting or replying to topics on the UberPeople forum. Our posts are often being deleted and accounts suspended as soon as an RSDU member tries to answer any questions.

    Topics discussing RSDU's work are often raised on that forum, not to mention the constant twists of truth by certain members there, designed to spread confusion and set drivers apart, yet we are being denied a right to reply.

    Concerned drivers have been asking us often for a comment on urgent issues but unfortunately due to the UP forum being tightly controlled by uber employees and excessively censored, we are unable to respond.

    We find such suppression and denial of the right to reply unacceptable in this day and age and therefore will take matters into our own hands from this point on. We now will replicate any drivers’ questions we see relevant, together with our answers, HERE.

    Drivers who wish to join the discussion are welcome to register and join in. The RSDU will never ban you as long as you are respectful to other members of our forum, engage in a civilized discussion and avoid trolling.

    Thank you.
    RSDU Forum Admin
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  2. DriverX

    DriverX Active Member

    This has reference to the following UP Forum thread:

    Graham you are pathetic and never seem to miss an opportunity to take a swipe at Max.

    I believe the legal term for your constant spreading of lies about Max is defamation.

    You lie about Max and twist the truth to suite you. You are a champion of empty words and failed action. The true definition of a loser.

    The "moderators" on the UP forum will probably rush to delete this post while leaving Graham's posts intact like they normally do, but hey, everyone already received a copy of this message by email.

    We are about to dedicate a special section just for you Graham "boyo" where we are going the expose all your lies one by one.

    The UP forum is obviously tightly controlled by Uber and trolled by Uber staff. Drivers communicating over the UP forum must be out of their mind.

    Graham has no plan Kollel, his only plan is to interfere with the plans of others and stop them from doing something which may change the situation for drivers. Graham is the last person on earth you should take advice from. He has been proven wrong time and time again. Absolutely clueless on just about anything. He has his own agenda and mentioned on a number of occasions he hardly even drives Uber.

    So you failed on the class action route too. Who are you to give advice to anyone on anything? Who are you to criticize Max work and great achievements?

    He probably can't, never happened. All lies, just like the rest of his BS, all in his head and part of his negative agenda.

    All lies, he can't substantiate shit. Hot air and then some... not to mention the silly conclusions.

    Of course you wouldn't Graham. Except for maybe a lousy slot on some Uber controlled forum, you have nothing! A place where you think you can come and defame people free nilly and get away with it. Well, you're wrong again, as always.

    Trolls normally do. Graham is a great example.
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  3. DriverX

    DriverX Active Member

    This has reference to the following UP Forum thread:

    You keep referring to Max like he's the devil, this does not sit right with what Max has done and still doing for drivers. Can you please elaborate and provide some evidence to substantiate your claims?

    These are plain false accusations and defamation otherwise, a cowardly act. Not to mention Max can not reply to your accusation on the UberPeople forums.

    Because you have nothing important or appropriate to add to this topic. Your only desire was to bring Max into this conversation and defame him, yet again.

    Good observation Kollel, you have a good eye for zero value add trolls.

    Graham is a big mouth, a ballerina that likes sitting on the fence. He constantly "sees things" and names "Max" anyone who does not agree with him. He's a sook.

    Common sense!... use it. Here is a link to some articles to help get you started:

    The evidence is all on the RSDU website, it's an open book, Max hides nothing. Read it if you are really interested in learning the facts, not just Graham & Co BS. You know damn well it can't be posted on the UberPeople Forums.

    Thinking Uber is now changing out of the goodness of their heart just to appease drivers is naive at best. This in light of an ongoing mass scale sham contracting investigation by FWO... do you honestly belive this has nothing to do with the RSDU? :rolleyes:

    What evidence do you need? A confirmation from FWO that an investigation into Uber was launched following Max's action/request? Max letters to Uber management? The four strikes he successfully conducted or the the hundreds of articles in the Newspapers, TV and Radio, here and overseas where Max is being quoted or interviewed listing driver's list of demands WHICH INCLUDE the demand to limit driving shifts to 12hrs, increase in base rates and more app features to enable drivers to better run their business?

    What more evidence do you need? Except for some adult common sense. Do you really think Uber will stand up telling drivers Max is forcing a change?... I mean seriously mate, you must have more common sense than that :)

    Are you seeing things again Grahamy? ... anyone who thinks you are a coward and a sook must be Max, yes?... anyone who is after you must be Max. You've offended many members on the UP forum, get it into your head and enjoy the consequences. Defaming Max because it serves your (and your group's) agenda is absolutely disgusting.

    What "conversation" are you talking about? "Boyo"?... You mean the pile of lies and defamation you keep dishing. Get back to sitting on the fence and stop attacking the only people that are capable and proven in bringing change.

    What part of what I said in my posts above was "outrageous" a "lie" or "incorrect"? What part was "nonsense"?

    I'll tell you what real nonsense is, your silly opinions and predictions. You and your "mates" are proven wrong time and time again.

    Maybe it is time you store that "crystal ball" you have where the sun never shines.

    You have turned this conversation into a pile of BS and lies about Max. Like only a real loser would.

    Keep grinding that axe "boyo"... but don't forget people can clearly see through you, and most do.
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  4. Torah

    Torah Member

    I picked graham as an uber stooge months but i held back from confronting hom until the time was right. I managed to draw him in and trap as i felt the time was right.
    I was intrigued that Scott Bennet didn't participate as he is another loud mouthed bully
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  5. DriverX

    DriverX Active Member

    Graham is just a frustrated incompetent troll. He tried to organise some anti Uber action and failed numerous times, at almost every step of the way. This guy had no dealings with Max yet think it's OK to defame Max just so he can get some attention.

    Graham is about as relevant in the grand scheme of things as a fly on a horse's arse. I would not listen to any advice given by this fool.
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  6. HumungousDill

    HumungousDill Active Member

    I was permabanned sometime ago as HumungousDill, and I have been permabanned since using the names Corsair, DH_Uber, and Justx for daring to post things that reflected badly on Uber, or posts that related to strike actions or the RSDU or alternative ride share companies Numerous posts and indeed whole threads were deleted lest others read the truth. So it's always been clear to me that the UP forum is controlled by Uber, and also that there are some Uber moles resident there. That disgusting cockcroach Ben Hall also comes to mind.

    Regarding the thread above that you posted screenshots from, I had earlier posted that I thought Graham was owing an apology to Kollel and that his attacks on Kollel were harsh. Two single line posts. Both seemingly innocuous posts were deleted shortly afterwards and I was permabanned.

    No free speech on that UP forum and Uber are obviously on their back feet despeartely trying carry out damage control by using heavy handed censorship.
  7. skyco

    skyco Active Member

    Mention the name Max or sound like the RSDU and watch Graham take off like hes got a big axe to grind. Add Hombarnd Taxi, Ben Hall, and JohnnyDee to that list. Graham is sure part of some great (creeps) company there.

    Rest assured it is probably Graham who reported you HD, he's a hypocrite and a snake.

    Funny how most of the stars on that list hardly, (or don't) even drive an Uber, yet they are the most vocal when it comes to drivers rights. Ben Hall is not a driver, he operates a VH business. Max's work will have a direct effect on Ben Hall's business and working relationships with his drivers, which may explain the great love he has for Max. Would you? If you had the prospect of having to pay your drivers more soon?
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  8. Uberx zoom

    Uberx zoom Well known member (founder)

    Kollel is on the right path and will have RSDU support if needed when the time comes. We are happy to allocate a private forum here where members who wish to join Kollel's action can communicate without having to waste too much energy fighting Uberpeopole trolls and overzealous moderators.

    "Talk less do more" is the RSDU motto. You can learn more about us here:

    And here:

    Just holler...
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  9. DriverX

    DriverX Active Member

    Max is probably having a good rest after he finished fixing your latest pay increase, Scootie. :)

    Hopefully, clueless GST Graham won't fork it up for us drivers, yet again.
  10. Torah

    Torah Member

    Thanks for laying it out so clearly.
    I worked it all out but I wanted to post on UP forum as there are many drivers on forum that still fall for the mindless drivel that people post
    The strident reaction to my post confirms that Uber are scared of the issue coming to any tribunal such as the AAT as they will have to abide by that decision.
    So I involved Uber indirectly by applying for private ruling
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  11. Torah

    Torah Member

    I received advice from my lawyer about the process and cost.
    Will u put up a private forum so we can take it from there
    The objection has a strict time frame so we need to get onto it.
  12. Torah

    Torah Member

    For anyones interest i can be reached via email
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  13. Uberx zoom

    Uberx zoom Well known member (founder)

    Hi Torah,

    We will arrange for a forum by Monday next week.

    Important to note that although we are happy to assist you by way of providing a free communication platform, a private/public forum, the RSDU does not wish to take an active part in this ATO legal action.

    We are here to help you communicate but please bear in mind that this is your own private initiative together with any other drivers that wish to take part.
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  14. Torah

    Torah Member

    Thank u
  15. Uberx zoom

    Uberx zoom Well known member (founder)

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