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Stupid 3rd world Ola app issues.

Discussion in 'Australia | Ola Forum' started by Jason, Aug 22, 2018.

  1. Jason

    Jason Member

    Anyone had this Issue, you pull across the start trip tab, and the completed trip tab sticks and goes across with.
    Its &/$#@^ed. And the customer is sitting there, looking at you. Wtf did you do that for.
    Sorry m8, not me. Its the stupid app.
    Ok, happened to me once b4 a while ago, so clearly not my fault.
    Still, I'm logged off for 3 days. 2nd time it happens. 1st time was a warning. 2nd time, logged off fot good.
    Even the customer, said never mind m8 its ok. I understand, I'll just ping you again.
    Sitting in my car, his app, i can see I'm there.
    Out of the 5 times, pings another and cancels it out everytime. Didnt ping me once.
    So he says, fuck Ola switch ya Uber on. Pings me straight away.
    Also, my account has been deactivated, wheres my /#$/###/n $80 earnings?? Never payed out.
    Anyone had simlar from this 3rd world Entity

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