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Taxify - payment statement(my view)

Discussion in 'Melbourne | Uber Drivers Forum' started by qykzoo, Feb 28, 2018.

  1. qykzoo

    qykzoo New Member

    hi All,
    for those on Taxify, seems to me that we are really being stiffed.

    1) we pay a booking fee for ALL ride requests even if the rider cancels and we dont see a cent - also appears that the booking fess is AU$1.00
    2) when they calculate the 15% (if it really is this) on the total amount of the trip -- including all tolls, 10% makeup for their 15% rebate to customer ...
    3) the 15% rebate they give customers costs us - my calculation on a $66.13 total fare (when taxify has given customer 15% discount) says that we should get $11.67 not $7.00 as per the payment statement. this intrigues me as drivers are wearing the cost of taxify rebate.

    Anybody explain this to me?
  2. river view

    river view Member

    Taxify appear to double charge GST on Booking Fee:

    A) Extract from my driver account showing a random rider invoice and breakdown of $1.65 Booking Fee
    Title Sum (AUD) GST 10% Total Sum (AUD)
    Ride fee 6.95 0.70 7.65
    Booking fee 1.50 0.15 1.65

    Total (AUD): 8.45
    GST: 0.85
    Total including GST (AUD): 9.30

    B) EXTRACT FROM MY RIDER INVOICE (note booking fee and GST Calc at bottom)
    Base fare 2.15
    Discount code [​IMG]-7.00
    Booking fee1.65

    Subtotal16.08GST (10%)1.61 Total$17.69
  3. river view

    river view Member

    Both docs are correct and GST is calculated OK. The line items in RIDER invoice contain GST and the line item at bottom correctly shows GST portion.

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