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Why are you driving for Uber when you could be driving for Hi Oscar?

Discussion in 'Uber Drivers Perth' started by Aujezza, Jul 28, 2017.

  1. Aujezza

    Aujezza Member

    I know that Hi Oscar haven't got many customers yet but that's because they haven't got many drivers and that's because they haven't got many customers etc etc but why aren't you all running both apps? This am 30 cars in the sheep pen at international and I got a beep from Oscar while at T4 . Great for me and a decent fare and that's what I want to show you all!
    I was dropping of an Uber pax at T4 trip time 35 mins and 28ks total received $33.45
    Hi Oscar 28 mins and 26 ks total received $41.15
    Which would you prefer?
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  2. HumungousDill

    HumungousDill Active Member

    Um....I think I would prefer Hi Oscar. The problem is that very few pax are even aware of Hi Oscars existence and so there are very very few pings for the drivers.
    Having said that I can't see the harm in running both simultaneously and I think I will do that in future. I will run Hi Oscar on my second cell phone and Uber on my primary.
    Do Hi Oscar provide the drivers with a referral code such that we can give the code to potential riders and get a few dollars if they use our code for a ride ? Somehow Hi Oscar neeed to make themselves better known to the public. And if their rates were higher they would certainly be even more attractive to drivers.
    @Aujezza , how many pings do you receive from Hi Oscar per week ?
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  3. Uberx zoom

    Uberx zoom Well known member (founder)

    Not a bad fare.

    Can you list more examples for shorter average like fares around the CBD.

    It would be interesting to compare the average hourly income to Uber's. Anything above $45 per/h (after the operator commission cut) makes it sustainable and definitely very interesting.
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  4. Aujezza

    Aujezza Member

    I've only had a 5/6 pings and all been about the same distance but will let you know more info as and when I get the jobs.
    Oscars pricing is just 10c a kilometre more than uber but as a driver we win because they only take 15% commission and pay their share of the GST.
  5. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    So on average (taking all improvements into account) about +/-20% better pay. Not bad.
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  6. Aujezza

    Aujezza Member

    Ive had a bit of help doing this but hope it's helpful.

    Here are a few direct comparisons this is after the gst element has been taken into consideration.

    Essentially what this shows is a driver that pays Uber 25% commission will make 27% more per trip if that trip was booked through Oscar. This is a combination of the reduced commission (15%), the increase in fare (10%) and the impact of paying GST on the 85% of the fare (rather than the 100% of the fare).

    For a driver on 20% to Uber, the driver will make 19% more per trip if it was through Oscar.

    13 mins 8.5 kilometres with Oscar $12.65
    Uber on 25% commission $10.00
    Uber on 20% commission $10.66

    11.40 mins 7.67 kilometres Oscar $11.49
    Uber on 25% commission $9.08
    Uber on 20% commission $9.69

    38.5 mins 37.31 kilometres with Oscar $44.54
    Uber on 25% commission $35.20
    Uber on 20% commission $37.55

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