$4.95 pizza wars and Uber.

Discussion in 'Melbourne | Uber Drivers Forum' started by Uberx zoom, Apr 30, 2017.

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    There was an article yesterday somewhere that the digital revolution has created the most powerful most dominating financial entities yet
    And cooperative collaboration at the local level is the way to beat it by providing the alternatives
    With putting a big one over the goobers i think is one of the easier ones

    Trunk radio taxis have taken the cream for years and hire cars are just a variant of that
    Much easier for the right type of driver - sorry to say - to expose their services via taxi than anything else
    Will only be luctrative for the top twenty percent like any endeavour
    And relies on client distaste for a random and unknown driver pool to gain their custom and loyalty as well as being able provide much more extra flexibility in service than via a corporation - no not mints by the way

    Plenty of time yet for service to deteriorate
    The whole thing is new
    Needs time for drivers who are left -and they have run out of new bunnies - to be the ones trapped with no options and to become bitter and twisted
    Give it a few years yet

    By the way if somebody can be good enough to find and thread that article?
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    25 cent bottles of water is the newest price war

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