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Announcing Monday LOG OFF in Melbourne

Discussion in 'Melbourne | Uber Drivers Forum' started by admin, Feb 25, 2017.

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    admin Administrator Staff Member

    Uber’s desperate attempt to turn Melbourne Australia into its next big market comes at drivers expense. RSDU was formed to bring RideShare drivers together and help them change the situation right here right now!

    RSDU is now taking its first step in communicating collective action and requesting all Uber drivers in Melbourne Australia “NOT” to log on this Monday 27th of February, between 7AM to 12PM, while the Taxis are protesting. This to send a clear message to Uber management and the Victorian Government: Uber drivers are not happy with their pay and working conditions which often amount to borderline exploitation when considering all driver tax liabilities and expenses. Drivers having to deal with fast car depreciation, Insurance, Registration, GST implications, Car maintenance, services and major repairs, traffic and parking fines, widely fluctuating petrol prices and the lack of support or willingness to listen at Uber management. Enough is enough!

    Read the full press release:
  2. Converted RSDU Log Off Message into a QR Code already. (Chinese version)
    Please SPREAD the news!
    Also spreading RSDU subscription :)

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