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Anti door slamming device...

Discussion in 'Melbourne | Uber Drivers Forum' started by skyco, Apr 24, 2017.

  1. skyco

    skyco Active Member

    Anyone knows of an effective anti door slamming device?

    I'm sick of some pax shutting the car doors too strong.
  2. HumungousDill

    HumungousDill Active Member

    Automatic 1*
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  3. Uberx zoom

    Uberx zoom Well known member (founder)

    Doesn't immidatly stop the slamming though :)

    Most pax do it accidently.
  4. eXploitation

    eXploitation Active Member

    The seasoned punters knew exactly how much to push in order to get those taxi doors to close

    and that was to swing HARD
  5. Riders Champion

    Riders Champion Well-Known Member

    i have noticed visible damage on my rear left side of the vehicle

    it has been caused by the seat belt buckle getting caught when riders slam the door wedging it inbetween

    then some riders have trouble putting their seatbelt on, that same seat belt that is probably disfigured!

    every day my car gets less and less able to be resold one day....

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