ATO failure to reply when challenged on the question whether drivers are enterprise

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  1. Torah

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    I refer to the post I put up with same heading on drivers forum.
    I can supply further documentary evidence,showing that the ATO couldn't rule as the matter was complex.
    It beggars belief that the ATO has been perpetrating a scam and forcing drivers to register for gst on the pain that they would face sanctions should the drivers not comply.
    My email is for the record.
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    Could you please post here the evidance.
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  3. Torah

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    Will do later as i am out with family
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  4. Torah

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    Thanks for posting this @Torah, absolutely amazing.

    I know of a driver who has been reporting his Uber income (and pay the GST) via his company. He wrote to the ATO (after receiving one of their nasty data matching emails) to inform them the income is being reported via his company.

    Cut the story short, ATO said they are clueless on the topic as it was their understanding Uber only contract with individuals, but obviously, they are not. They said that they are looking into this but haven't reached a conclusion yet. They also mentioned "it is a complex issue" and that they will get back to him as soon as they've made their mind. He needs not do anything in the meantime (hence, continue to report via the company for now).

    It's a mess...
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  6. Torah

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    It is not a mess. I spoke to one of the gst ATO technical officers and he verbally told me that uber is too powerful for them to challenge.
    I posted on the drivers forum last night the 3 page report that the inspector general of taxation issued following their investigation into the ATOs handling of the private ruling.
    Read it in its entirety.
    If drivers are interested in being reclassified as employees I possess the template to apply for a private ruling.
    I will be interested to see if there is any response from members of rsdu
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    I have sent you a PM.

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