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Dear Rahul from Burwood

Discussion in 'Sydney | Uber Drivers Forum' started by mule, Apr 15, 2017.

  1. mule

    mule Member

    Please stop telling riders you make $300 in 4 hours.

    My riders told me that you told them you until you reach $300 each day and that it only takes 3-4 hours.

    Spreading this kind of lie just perpetuates the myth the drivers are making 'great money' and gives riders a reason to drivers with less respect.
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  2. Laughter

    Laughter Member

    Time for Mythbusters!
    If it is possible to make $300 in 3-4 hours then this guy should be applauded not ridiculed. But if its not possible, then fair enough.

    $75 at worst an hour.
    From Burwood you say?
    That's very central in terms of sydneys area.
    It's between both big cbds of parramatta and the city and is close to strathfield. Burwood itself is of decent size. The airport is not too far away.

    I dunno am just talking out loud so to speak. It just seems to me that it is possible to pull this off on a regular basis especially if thats his target.

    Its not like he aims for big benders like $500-1000 on a saturday night. He just says he does 3-4hrs a day right for $300 which is $2100 a week.

    $2100 is very doable mate. He is in a great location too. I don't get all the negativity. Just saying.
  3. eXploitation

    eXploitation Active Member

    I once did a carpet in four back when taxi melb. was same to base goober fare here
    Was 1600 start time in a 'hot' car
    Could have easily done more but got stuck at airport rank for 40 min on a busy friday
    Mainly freeway but heavy traffic
    Trunk radio taxis used to smash these figures often
    So quite doable IF you get a run
    And when you do you fondly remember when...
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  4. Syd-Uberer

    Syd-Uberer New Guest Member

    $75/hr consistently, he's dreaming!

    The only way to do that is to only drive during heavy surge and go offline then back again with surge.

    The number of wasted hours and dead KM would be huge. In reality he wouldn't be making more than $20-$30/hr when you consider the number of wasted hours.

    Only possible for someone who places no value on their time.
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