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Drivers & Riders First

Discussion in 'Sydney | Uber Drivers Forum' started by Riders Champion, Apr 6, 2017.

  1. Riders Champion

    Riders Champion Well-Known Member

    Start your own discussion threads... and get this party going!

    Some of you already have. Don't stop, keep at it.

    Did you know that if you type "rideshare" into Google, that the third result (today) gives you the "I Love RSDU" thread from this forum started by user Fetch?

    So keep using RSDU in your messages so that when people want to know more about it, they get directed to this forum.

    Also doesn't hurt to mention Uber People or RSDAA too. Shouldn't think of them as competition, and even though many disgruntled or banned users from those platforms will eventually come here (myself included), perhaps we can all mutually coexist in relative harmony?

    Drivers & Riders First.
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  2. Laughter

    Laughter Member

    i applaud your efforts. but this sydney forum is dead. give it time and something will flourish, esp given the atrocities taking place at UP. dont know whats UP their butt! rome wasnt built in a day.
  3. Trip-Dog

    Trip-Dog New Member

    More will come.
  4. are you from UP? how did you find us?
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  5. Trip-Dog

    Trip-Dog New Member

    yes from UP.
  6. Saul Goodman

    Saul Goodman Member

    When I search "Uber Forum" it is now page 2 result 14.

    Not great but catching up. Needs to be page one to get high traffic.
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  7. Riders Champion

    Riders Champion Well-Known Member

    Advertising revenue possibly pays for SEO and Adwords.
  8. eXploitation

    eXploitation Active Member

    say again!

    wash you mouth out with soap!
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