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Drivers! What do you think of Taxify?

Discussion in 'Melbourne | Uber Drivers Forum' started by Uberx zoom, Jan 29, 2018.

  1. Uberx zoom

    Uberx zoom Well known member (founder)

    The good, the bad, the ugly?
  2. qykzoo

    qykzoo New Member

    What a crappy interface. Extremely badly put together.

    1) bar graphs that you need to study hard to interpret
    2) rider cancellations - theses are counted against the driver - why
    3) pay advice is sadly lacking in clarity --- they give us the responsibility of paying the NSW govt levy of $1.00 + GST
    4) the map function -- looks like a school-kid in grade 4 made it -- cant do any rotation, cars on wrong side of road, destinations on map differ to actual pickup/destination
    5) slide to get stuff harder than doing a tap - eg slide to go-offline, on-line, slide to complete --- so early 19th century
    6) the radius map shows a gazillion cars, but slow updates and there not really being that number of cars is similar to UBER surge lies.
    7) The app is so slow when switching back to it -- takes 5-7 seconds to re-initalise --- pity that the software developers dont know what the target audience needs
    8) riders dont really like the interface - say that UBER interface is 100x times better

    Overall rider satisfaction is way down, due to drivers cancelling all the time, but when you can pick them up they are happier.

    Payments are slow.
    The website for drivers is very old and does not reflect current usage where i am in control of my information. New Australian laws are making this mandatory soon.

    As per UBER we get stock answers that dont reflect the actual issue.
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  3. please

    please New Member

    3) Do they give us the responsibility of paying the NSW govt levy of $1.00 + GST? I am very confused when i look at the payment advice

    4) the map function -- unlike UBER a simple click can start map, you have to click few times to move to the navigation. Terrible experience.

    2) rider cancellations - i learn a lesson from it, every time i have to call the passenger to make sure he or she is willing to wait for me. if no answer, i simply dont even drive towards
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  4. river view

    river view Member

    Taxify is popular with riders when the discount is on. The 25% discounts stopped and the ride requests stopped. Taxify then introduced happy hour 25% discount and you can pick up a few rides whilst it is on and then nothing.

    The in app navigation is useless and it is best to use external navigation.

    As noted the slide action to go offline/online demands accuracy and attention that introduces risk to driving. I have formed the view that the only way to manage having both Uber and Taxify open and online is to be pulled over.
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  5. river view

    river view Member

    On Sunday 20/5 I had a Taxify 1.5 surge price fare. I somehow ended up near one of the red tiles in the Taxify app and was offered a pickup of a rider near corner of Bourke and Phillip Sts, Redfern. Tiny red icon with 1.5 in it appeared on the request screen, could not believe my good fortune, as it was fare to Manly. No mention of "surge" in the completed trip record or time component, just price and distance mentioned.

    I noticed a new button on the Taxify app appears when you dispute a fare |*** FIXED PRICE ***|
  6. Uberx zoom

    Uberx zoom Well known member (founder)

    "Fixed Price". I dont like the sound of that.

    Have you tried Ola RV? I hear good things about them.
  7. river view

    river view Member

    Hi, I started on-boarding with OLA but did not complete. I thought I would check out the OLA Rider App but the reviews were pretty bad and it put me off.

    UZ, can you tell me the distance and time values for Uber base fare calculation? I have 100 trips in my spread sheet and incorrect base fare calculation is skewing the results.
    Over 7 days, There are many underpayments but I also identified many over payments and several of these are by $5 or $6. I wonder what Australian consumer law says about this.

  8. Uberx zoom

    Uberx zoom Well known member (founder)

    Check this page RV, http://ridesharedriversunited.com/uber-driver-gross-fare-calculator/
    Make sure to select Sydney for Zone. The formula is at the bottom of that page.

    Sydney rates are, $2.50 flagfall, $1.45 per/km, $0.40/Minute the last I've checked. The base rates also (normally) show on the waybill of ongoing trips. Click the "Waybill" link on your app while on a trip to confirm.

    Please double check and let me know we have the correct base rates for Sydney.

    As for Ola, we keep hearing great things. Yes the app is badly designed, BUT it works and pay for trips way better than Uber. Well worth the effort of at least trying.

    It's our opinion it is in drivers best interest to be registered with all major operators in their City and concentrate driving for only the ones who pay best.
    Last edited: May 23, 2018
  9. river view

    river view Member

    Sorry. I meant to say minimum fares. What is the maximum distance that qualifies for minimum charge for distance? What is the maximum time that qualifies for minimum charge for time? I see from my fares that each or both fare components may qualify for minimum charge for that component.

    OLA! I'm tempted to complete on-boarding with them but I am taking another tach by applying for full time positions. Jobs with paid holidays, sick leave, workers comp and super.
  10. Uberx zoom

    Uberx zoom Well known member (founder)

    A full time job is no doubt the much better option.

    As for minimum fares in Sydney. They are $9 before commission. Normaly 7 minutes (or under) trips. The min/max km/min figures are not set. They are more of a combination. It is just a fare where the total for the components computed is less then $9, which is then beeing rounded up to $9.

    You are best to run the kms travelled and minutes in the calculator then just round up to $9 for any trip that computes under $9. We will be adding the minimum fares to all cities later on today.
    Last edited: May 24, 2018
  11. Uberx zoom

    Uberx zoom Well known member (founder)


    Minimum fares are now on.
  12. Andy

    Andy New Member

    Not worth to drive Taxify . Waste time = $$ Money . BAD Story always happen from Taxify Rider -
    1 . Rider Cancel trip , When you arrival.
    2. Rider request more time to finish HER breakfast . Wait 5 mins + Reply from Rider : you can cancel the trip or wait finish breakfast . I can call another one .
    So What I mean Taxify no cancel fee and waiting time charge . = Use Driver time & $ to cover Rider .

    Anyone agree ?
  13. blac

    blac New Guest Member

    Do Taxify have "fixed prices" I never noticed, what do you mean by "fixed-prices" (perhaps something similar to Uber's upfront fare)?
    Have you ever had delays with Taxify weekly payments?
    Do they regularly pay on Tuesdays or sometimes delay for additional day/s?

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