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Driving Style

Discussion in 'Sydney | Uber Drivers Forum' started by mule, Apr 13, 2017.

  1. mule

    mule Member

    Does anyone else now have this exciting new feature?

  2. Laughter

    Laughter Member

    ooh! cant wait!!
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  3. mule

    mule Member

    Next feature to come: thinking style; Track your recent brain activity and eye movements so drivers only have positive feelings.
  4. internal car heat map
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  5. Pippo

    Pippo Member


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  6. eXploitation

    eXploitation Active Member

    don't think youd need a internal car heat monitor for checking pant surge
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  7. Riders Champion

    Riders Champion Well-Known Member

    Rape Radar. Trouser Oscillation Monitoring.
  8. Scully99

    Scully99 Active Member

    More useless info from UberCorp...
    They should be focussing more on the riders , educating on legal pickup zones, pinning properly, etc
    than giving drivers useless info
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  9. mule

    mule Member

    Damn straight they should.

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