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Good news

Discussion in 'Sydney | Uber Drivers Forum' started by mule, Apr 16, 2017.

  1. mule

    mule Member


    Okay, there we have it, nothing to worry about apparently:

    • Uber will never deactivate us due to low ratings resulting from asking the rider to walk to a legal pick up area.

    • Only a VERY small number of rider requests are in illegal pick up locations. That is great news because I thought over 50% was a lot but clearly Uber has reliable statistics and it's actual very small so nothing to worry about.

    • Uber is constantly educating riders on safe pick ups.

    You learn something everyday. So there you go. Uber on!
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  2. Riders Champion

    Riders Champion Well-Known Member

    Finally I get confirmation. CoolAnt welcome :)
    @Saul Goodman & @mule. As you know, I always knew but there's always a small niggle of doubt.

    Only a handful kept the same aliases from UP. Thanks @Pippo @Syd-Uberer @Uberx zoom and anyone else who was okay with residing in both camps under the same name.

    It's then much easier to relate to the content of what is being said, as otherwise everyone gets defaulted to a troll and/or a mole as @Scully99 realised.
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  3. Sorry I'm using a different name. Anonymity on my anonymity from UP is essential given all the hoo-haar on bans since march.
  4. mule

    mule Member

    What's the issue here?
  5. Laughter

    Laughter Member

    I understood this to mean that uber does not think that low ratings come from many illegal pickup issues. So if your rating is too low you will still be deactivated. But if you quit, then you are ahead of the game!

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