How did your log off go?

Discussion in 'Melbourne | Uber Drivers Forum' started by It's a scam, May 4, 2017.

  1. It's a scam

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    hi guys and gals, was wondering how the log off went? Not much media attention? Would like to see the same stand in Perth but combine with a slow drive on the freeway during peak morning hours! The news will be all over that, and we need them to show uber red faces!
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    Our protest went according to plan. Hundreds of drivers in Victoria took part.

    The media chose not to cover this event. This may be due in part to the national covarage they gave the story a few days prior.

    We here at the RSDU are proud to say that we already achieved our first 2 major goals. The first being to demonstrate that drivers can be easily united for a common cause and take action when and if needed.

    The second goal was to expose the real story beyond Uber "cheap" fares and make it a NATIONAL public discussion. I am proud to say the RSDU archived that goal with flying colours. Many drivers in victoria can tell you now that more and more passengers are asking about our conditions due to the great media coverage. Like never before.

    Whether our last strike received media attention or not is not really the issue as we can't expect to win them all and receive overwealming coverage every time we strike. Three well covered strikes out of four is a great result by any means.

    The media will catch up. Not to worry, they always do...

    Persistence and unity are the keywords. Get into it. RSDU can help...
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    Hi @Scam, we need to get more numbers as I'm sure you're well aware. I'm really disappointed by the apathy shown by the Perth drivers even though they must be feeling the pinch financially they appear to only want to act as individuals. Hope you can persuade some of your driver friends to join this group; once we have a critical mass of numbers we can carry out actions such as you suggested :D
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