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How to install VY/VZ Sunglasses holder in VT/VX

Discussion in 'All Car Models' started by anarklov3r, Dec 20, 2017.

  1. anarklov3r

    anarklov3r New Guest Member

    OK guys, im still in the process of doing this so ill upload the last few photos in the morning.

    Parts needed:
    1x Centre roof console sunglasses holder from VY/VZ
    4x 1 meter lengths of automotive wire (i used same colour as existing to make it easier)
    1x Template to cut roof trim ( i will scan and upload my template soon when i can be bothered scanning lol!)
    1x 4/6 pin connector plug kit from electronics store
    Soldering Iron
    Shrink Wrap

    Step 1) Start by dismantling the car. remove the pillar covers next to the front windscreen, both front roof handles and windscreen visors. This will allow the roof trim to fall free.

    Step 2) Behind the roof trim you should see a rectangular hole with two screw holes on each side. What you need to do is poke a Stanley knife through the roof trim into that rectangular hole. This will allow us to line up the template and get an accurate cut.

    Step 3) Once the hole has been made, line up the template, mark it out and cut away. You might want to cut the hole a little smaller then the template at first just to be on the safe side. Once you've got the whole right, it should sit in there beautifully.

    Step 3) WIRING! What you need to do for the wiring is remove the old plug from the console and cut off all of the wires and strip them back about 1cm. Get 4x lengths of 10cm or so wires and extend the current ones since they are too short now to attach a plug to the end of it. The wires you need to extend are shown in the image. The Red and Red/black wires on the console get joined together.

    Step 3) The plugs i used are attached in an image below. Slide some shrink wrap over the wires (2 pieces on each wire, one for join, one for connector pin), then crimp on the connector pin. I then soldered the connection so i never have a problem with flickering lights.

    Step 4) Once you've soldered the connections, shrink the shrink wrap over all solder points like i have in the image and then put the pins into the connector. Thats it! you've done this half of the work! I used a 6 pin plug rather than a 4 pin plug because one day i might either install a screen in my sunnies mount, or run an steering wheel adapter IR LED to the console, so ill leave those 2 slots empty for now :)

    Step 5) Do the same crimping/shrink wrap process for the mating end of the connector ensuring the same wires are going into the correct pins. Once your done, electrical tape the wire to make it look like a factory loom and run it from the Dome lamp hole in your roof trim to your sunglasses hole.

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