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How You doing, MN lovers?

Discussion in 'All other USA States | Uber & Lyft Drivers' started by Uberboyz, Dec 19, 2017.

  1. Uberboyz

    Uberboyz New Guest Member

    Had to go to Midtown to drop my wifey at MOMA. Geeees, the traffic is fking insane and it was so bright from those shiny T75 plates so i was blinded until I got out. Took pretty quick to get to the Queens tho.
    What makes people to go there???? Guys do not know how to drive and go to MN to get over9000 surge for 1 mile one hour trip.
    Manhattan - where money is unless it’s 21 cent a minute SMH
    Seen a T74 on on Madison and 59th who said he just finished loading 70 cases (of something). I hope...
  2. I think every city has there own pros & cons, it is the citizen who makes the city.

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