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    ... for Uber.

    For me though, after expenses I can't afford to get my Uber car serviced. It is 23,000km overdue and the brakes are completely worn out. I only hope that nobody gets hurt until then. The car would be deemed unroadworthy if a mechanic looked at it but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do to survive in this world. Uber wants to take 25% of my income and manipulate my earnings so that's what I've got to work with.
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    The ridiculous reality of driving for uber at current unsustainable base rates. There is just not enough money left for proper vehicle repairs and services.

    Make some calls mate and check with a number of workshops in your area for the best quote. Changing brake pads shouldn't be that expensive.

    Fix the front wheels 1st and then maybe you can replace the back ones a couple of weeks later (if not too urgent). The back pads normally take longer to wear.

    Don't let the pads wear too much. The repair bill will get much more expensive once they are metal to metal.
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    Mine had 5000km left on them a month ago when my dealer wanted to replace them. I said fuck off, I'm making full use of what's left!!
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