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Intro... not yet driver, blocked by "10-year-rule"

Discussion in 'Perth | Uber Drivers Forum' started by westoz, Nov 4, 2018.

  1. westoz

    westoz New Member

    Hi guys & gals...

    Been having a bunfight with Uber, done all the hard yards in getting set up after about 8 months of contemplation. F-extension on MDL, check. 4 door medium to large sedan, check. Able to pass inspection (clean car, low K's, undamaged, mechanically sound), check. DoT change to CVL, check. Change fully comp insurance from "private" to "rideshare", check. Car less than 10 years old, uh-oh.

    No amount of my appeals to Uber to change the rules has shown any chance of success. My car is a 2006 Honda Accord V6 Luxury with lots of tech upgrades (fully integrated 10" screen with GPS, mobile mirroring, internet, bluetooth, front camera, reversing camera etc etc). It's a luxury class car and bloody nice to ride in, yet Uber in their wisdom won't relax the (now defunct) rule that the DoT had in place but since rescinded some 2 years ago regarding rideshare cars being no more than 10 years old. Surely Uber should revisit this rule and judge potential rideshare cars on their own merits?

    Contacted Hi Oscar who confirm that age is not a factor, only has to pass inspection for CVL. Therefore, I could go with Oscar tomorrow, only prob is that I'm in Bunbury... not many pax here :(.

    Anyone else on here had the same issues?
  2. coolair

    coolair Member

    Uber is unlikly to change the rules based on individual requests. Try registering with Ola.
  3. westoz

    westoz New Member

    Aint got Ola down here in Bunbury as yet...........
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  4. Jason

    Jason Member

    You are being knocked back because your car is far to old to be on the Uber platform in the 1st place.
    Most likely the only reason. You wouldnt make any money down there. 98 cents per/km.
    Say if you drive 15 mins to pick up, 15 mins on trip. Then your only making 49 cents per/km.
    Then take off the GST, then your running costs. Do the maths. Uber sales wont do it for you
  5. westoz

    westoz New Member

    A friend of mine down here in Bunno is the 1st uber driver here and he's busier than a Baghdad bricklayer, doing the busy hours.
  6. Jason

    Jason Member

    From nxt week I'd say watch this site. Because from nxt week I'm going to break down the whole cost for a month. My whole cost of living, revenue , liabilities.
    I've done a 48hr week, my revenue is $1300 and I'm still at a loss of $50.

    Thats without considering GST or super and my fuel bill was the lowest in months.
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  7. westoz

    westoz New Member

    I'll be watching with keen interest, thanks .
  8. westoz

    westoz New Member

    Oh... you mentioned "cost of living" twice; not really a valid component of business running costs in the equation...
  9. Jason

    Jason Member

    Fixed. What do you guys make down in Bunbury Saturday night, Sunday morning?
    I'm only going to do the whole interest for 4 weeks, because your most likely interested what we make up here.
    Depending on the month, up here in Perth make about $350 to $450. On some bad nights that actually doesn't happen that often $250.
    During week nights as low as $150/12hrs to $270. Sometimes more, not often.
    My car cost avarages out at $200 a week. Fuel up and down, but avarages $228 a week.
    Thats over a annual year. Alot before you make profit.
    Best is get an Electric you can use on all platforms. Black and below etc.
    Or just lease which is 100% tax deductible.
    You wouldn't make alot out of Bunbury and its a long way to go to get into a good population base., to small, limited customers unless you can build up a good customer base for airport runs
  10. Jason

    Jason Member

    My advice for anyone getting into Rideshare, is use it for part time income or to build your business.
    Its a great way to advertise your business. I've been doing rideshare for a long time and not that i do any of that.
    I'm just to unreliable and enjoy the lifestyle of clock on, clock off when ya want. Working holiday i call it.
    Alot use it to, advertise there other business, get out and meet people. Some seem to be using it around Aussie to build up there customer base for there Charter vehicle business.
    I've herd of limos up here going out on rideshare.
    Just throwing out some ideas. Rideshare is some fun, can be a lifestyle, dont wake up to an Alarm clock ever. Advertising.
    Leased car to use for what ever, 100% tax deductible even if its making a loss
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