Is OLA good money?

Discussion in 'Australia | Ola Forum' started by Sebastian, Jul 4, 2018.

  1. Sebastian

    Sebastian New Member

    How do you rate OLA ? I wanna signup with them. Any comments and feedback appreciated.
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  2. coolair

    coolair Member

    They are pretty good when you do get a ping, seemed to have died a little lately.

    They charge only 10% commission, passengers pay the GST. No upfront pricing bullshit.

    App leaves a lot to be desired but it works. They pay daily.

    Definitely recommended.
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  3. Sebastian

    Sebastian New Member

    Thanks for that @coolair. What are their signup events like? Saw one listed for tomorrow at PCYC in Marrickville
  4. coolair

    coolair Member

    I am not sure, i've never been to one. I did the sign up all via the app.
  5. I think they charge 15% commission.
  6. Marinus

    Marinus New Member

    Well! They (Ola) can't charge commission on zero! Can they? I've been online for them two nights this week and both nights( Five Hours each night) I had zero ride bookings. Not even a ping! Tonight is Friday night! You'd think there would be work out there, so far I've been online for nearly an hour and Nothing yet! I've done all the usual suggested things each night. Deleted the app, re-installed the app, rebooted my phone etc. Nothings happening! Yet I see lots of ride share vehicles picking up riders from night clubs and stations. Goodness knows which company they are working for because 1 in 5 has an identification sticker.

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