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    Uber to offer UK drivers sickness cover in return for £2-a-week fee

    Under the new scheme, Uber drivers in 25 British towns and cities who have undertaken more than 500 trips will be eligible for payments of up to £2,000 if they are unable to drive through sickness or injury for two weeks or longer.

    And why would they bother?

    Uber was last year hit by an employment tribunal ruling that its drivers were wrongly classified as self-employed and should be classed as “workers”, a status that would grant them rights to sick pay, holiday pay and a guarantee of the national minimum wage.
    “The notion that Uber in London is a mosaic of 30,0
    00 small businesses linked by a common ‘platform’ is to our minds faintly ridiculous,” the judges said. “Drivers do not and cannot negotiate with passengers … They are offered and accept trips strictly on Uber’s terms.”

    Uber claims its drivers earn on average £15 an hour after the company has taken its 20% commission, but that does not account for drivers’ expenses including car hire, insurance and petrol, which amount to thousands every year. Many Uber drivers claim they are in effect earning less than the national minimum wage, which is currently £7.50 an hour for people aged 25 and over.

    Sounds familiar?

    Seriously people. Would you like to buy yourself some basic rights? Don't miss the special. Or better still, how about you get in a draw for a chance to win yourself some pay for your work? Only $500/ticket, for limited time only.

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    A great development. Hopefully it will catch up here soon.

    Some respect and dignified pay for our efforts (and investment) will go a very long way. Uber should look after thier "driver partners". They are thier greatest asset!

    We all LOVE DRIVING UBER but hate the feeling of being exploited. We all hate being paid well under minimum wage in this country and have zero job security.

    Simply really..... Uber Fix It!
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    Oh what a feeling.

    It's not a feeling, that's the problem. It's a reality. I am yet to see my first example of a country where Uber, before rolling out operations, would:
    1. Check what the laws are
    2. Try to comply.

    It just doesn't happen. Instead, Uber *tells* the drivers what the rules are, and then expects the country's legislation to change accommodating Uber rules - free of charge, of course :). Which is why we all get that 'feeling' which is not really a feeling. Even in UK, as per The Guardian, even after the court ruling *TELLING* Uber what the laws are, pending Uber's appeal yet to argue that (Uber is yet to argue what the laws are in UK, get it?) - Uber still makes a basic necessity an optional and paid extra, conditions apply. Or tries to. I will be curious to see what happens after September.

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