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My trips are assigned without opportunity to accept or refuse

Discussion in 'Brisbane | Uber Drivers Forum' started by Ozigabs, Feb 13, 2021.

  1. Ozigabs

    Ozigabs New Member

    Hi, want to check if anyone else has experienced this technical issue, and knows how to solve it. or if it is something "new" Uber has implemented.
    I have resumed driving with Uber recently after a break of several months. Now I received my rides without warning (no sound) and without the option to accept or not. Worst part is some of these rides have been 20 or 30 kms away from where I was. I then have to cancel the trip, and my cancellation rate is getting too high.
    Contacted Uber support who sent me a bunch of technical instructions which haven't helped. I even tried using a different device, and this has not solved the problem either.
    As I'm now back to "blue" level, I thought this could be the reason? Can anyone help? Thanks.
  2. coolair

    coolair Member

    I haven't been driving for a few months but suspect this is not an app "issue", it is more like Uber are out of drivers and trying to trick you to accept all.

    If it was me, when it happens, i'de acccept and then text the customer asking them to cancel, tell them that i am way too far and experiencing app issues. Most will.
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  3. Ozigabs

    Ozigabs New Member

    Thanks. Will try that too.
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