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Ola cancellations

Discussion in 'Melbourne | Uber Drivers Forum' started by Marinus, Jul 12, 2019.

  1. Marinus

    Marinus New Member

    I recently contacted Ola concerning the cancellation of multiple trips as soon as I had accepted them.
    This is their explanation:

    Thank you for contacting Ola.

    We understand your concern regarding the canceled booking. We regret the inconvenience caused to you.

    We have cross-checked and there is no absolutely any issue with your account (or) device.

    We suggest the following steps to address this issue in real time:-

    1- Switch off and switch on the device
    2- Try logging out of the device and log in again
    3- Try moving the area with good signal strength and network coverage
    4- Try reinstalling the updated version of the driver application from the app store

    However, If the issue persists, please send us the screenshot highlighting the issue by replying to this email. We will forward this issue to our internal team for further assistance.

    Additionally, we like to inform you that as per the update with effect from 3-Oct-2018, a new broadcasting feature has piloted in the driver app, which differs from the unicast model of booking allocation and difference between them is described below:

    - Unicast model – booking will be pushed to one driver at a time with an option to accept or pass the booking.

    - BROADCAST MODEL – booking will be pushed to all the available drivers with an option to accept or pass the booking.

    Hence, due to this new feature of the Broadcast model, who so ever accepts the ride first, it goes out to that driver and all others see it as canceled ride and this is expected behavior. So, it is not a technical issue. We request you to be more careful in accepting the rides in the future.

    So I replied its likened to a "Gameshow", Fastest Finger First!
    Ola appears to have some extremely WEIRD features in their app that DO NOT benefit the drivers.

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