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Discussion in 'Melbourne | Uber Drivers Forum' started by Paul R Collins, Nov 8, 2017.

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    thanks. Uberpeople forum banned me for doing a post with this link in it.
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    You are welcome Paul.

    Evidence is mounting, the Uberpeople forum is run by Uber employees. They quickly take down any type of anti Uber collective activity or mention.

    GoCatch was trying to reach out to drivers there and address some of their concerns plus collect feedback. The mods quickly deleted the thread.
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    The other way to look at it is to accept goobers is keeping 27.5% but with the 50 cent booking fee easily adding 2.5% you can assume 30% as their rake
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    Paul the thread and petition is already up on UberPeople and has been since the 1st of November

    [Admin note: Link to UP forum removed. Unfortuantly the UP forum constantly ban and delete anything RSDU or members of the RSDU. We are not going to feature any links back to them here. UP is an Uber controlled forum and we view them as being part of the 'problem'. Thank you for your understanding pajala.]
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