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  1. skyco

    skyco Active Member

    Pax reaching to change radio channel without asking first.... 1 STAR!
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  2. eXploitation

    eXploitation Active Member

    They always asked in taxi
    Sometimes i had to bring volume back down a notch
  3. skyco

    skyco Active Member

    I dont like any pax touching my radio. I find it extremely rude. You don't get them that often when driving Uber. Mostly young entitled millennials. You get about one jerk per 100 trips or so.
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  4. Eddie

    Eddie New Member

    I am a new member of this forum and a new Uber driver, driving for about 2 months.

    With regards to driver ratings.
    I asked a friend who is an occasional Uber rider what ratings he gives drivers. 4 or 5, he said.
    His thinking was that a score of 4 out of 5 was a good score (80% is distinction mark in uni, he said). I told him that a rating of 4.6 was needed to remain a driver, and enough 4 ratings would make the driver lose his "job". He was shocked.
    I told him that if he did not want to give a competent enough driver 5 stars for whatever reason, then don't rate at all.

    I think many riders give a rating of 4 stars thinking that it s a good rating for the driver, mean no harm, just are not aware of the deactivation threshold. Uber has, deliberately I think, not informed riders of the rating system. My rider's account has nothing at all about how the rating system works.
    Riders are not aware of how the driver ratings system works. Is there a way that riders can be "educated" about the driver rating system ?
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  5. Cold Gin

    Cold Gin Member

    Last week I had a tosser get in the car and, without uttering a word, open up my centre console, and help himself to my personal mints. At the risk of a low rating, I took them off him, and pointed toward the very obviously positoned passenger mints, which include individually-wrapped Mentos and Tic-Tacs. He picked them up and, tossing them around, whinged: “I actually wanted mints.”

    And just what do you think these are, cockhead? Cans of fucking Coke?

    He proceeded to open a few, and throw the wrappers out the window.

    If I had an ejector seat, I'd have deployed it right then. One star was overrating him.
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  6. Uberx zoom

    Uberx zoom Well known member (founder)

    Uber often interfere and manipulate the rating. A friend's rating once went from 4.63 to 4.79 in a matter of 3 days (or so) which is statistically impossible.

    The rating system as bad as it may seem somehow works and if you are an "ok" to "good" driver you normally don't expriance any major issues.

    Try not to pick passengers with a rating of less then 4.5, it will help improve your own rating by filtering most of the bad apples.
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  7. Eddie

    Eddie New Member

    Yes, the rating system appears to work, but at what cost to the driver in terms of angst and frustration. I have seen an increase of five 5-star ratings neutralized by just one 4-star rating. I have surveyed my friends again, and again they express shock that a rating of 4 is regarded as being poor. Going out on a limb, I put the same question to a rider - same surprised response. Again, riders hand out 4-star ratings thinking it is a good rating to give a driver - this is what really galls me.
    What the current ratings system does is provide Uber with a handy stick to beat the driver with, should the occasion arise. Fairness is not in the equation. Fair would be a threshold of 4.0, I would think. But why do I expect fairness. Disillusion has set in rather early for this new driver.
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  8. Uberx zoom

    Uberx zoom Well known member (founder)

    The rating system is just one more of Uber's psychological tools designed to make drivers give the best service possible in exchange for peanuts. My advice is not to read too much into it and not to stress too much over it.

    Just be yourself and provide the kind of service that you, yourself, feel is acceptable if you was to be the passenger.

    Read more about Uber psychological games here:
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