Reprint from Herald Sun - VIC legislation parked till June

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    Damn. And here am I avoiding original Herald Sun so that people don't hit subscription fence... :rolleyes:

    Victorian taxi drivers protest law changes outside State Parliament
    Alex White, Herald Sun
    May 9, 2017 5:40pm

    HUNDREDS of taxi drivers and their families have rallied in Melbourne as legislation to deregulate the industry to make way for Uber, was introduced into the upper house.

    More than 300 people gathered outside the Victorian Parliament, wearing yellow shirts and chanting ‘fight back’.

    The protest came as the Andrews Government introduced the controversial bill in the Legislative Council for debate.
    The plan will see a $2 levy to fund a compensation scheme for licence holders.

    However the state coalition moved to send the bill to a Parliamentary committee for further investigation.

    The move will delay the debate on the long-awaited legislation until June.

    It was a small blow for the government, which wants to bring in the $2 levy per trip, from 2018, to finance compensation.

    If the bill is not passed it would leave a $388 million black hole in the deregulation plans.

    Sandy Spanos, spokesman for Victorian Taxi Families, called for the Andrews’ Government to rethink the plan.

    “This Bill strikes at the livelihoods of over 5000 Victorian taxi licence holders,’’ she said.

    “It’s like renting your house to someone and when the law changes, they get the right to live in the house and you lose your house.”
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    What a mess... all the Government need to do is to cap a minimum fare price and let everyone compete on service. Leave the taxi plate system as is.

    There should be enough work for everyone, RideShare and Taxi. Each has its own unique market.

    This Government is run by clueless fools.
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    It has been all set up around getting the hand in the till with the most reach for the biggest rake

    Rideshare is the excusr
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    Exactly, it's all a big show.
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    Rsdu must put in a submission regarding driver rights and remuneration to the inquiry asap.
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    I wonder who has been even asked to represent drivers or if they even have

    The whole thing is going down the toilet for driver wellbeing
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    The bill is being re-examined mainly due to our organised strikes and national media campaigns which built alot of public awareness and alerted the responsible bodies to wage fraud commited by Uber.

    The Government will have to look into these issues now and properly address them before any bill is passed.

    No two ways about it.

    Yes the taxi industry actions must have had somthing to do with it too BUT dont fool yourself, the bill is being delayed mainly because of us, ride share drivers and the RSDU's work.

    RSDU made adding a $2 levy on top of our already exploitive shameful rates look insane. The Government must re-examine the whole bill from scratch now, Uber sweatshop working conditions included.

    When drivers are not happy so are passengers and so will Uber be.
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    Damn right !

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