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[RSDU] List of Uber demands... Your thoughts/suggestions

Discussion in 'Melbourne | Uber Drivers Forum' started by admin, Mar 6, 2017.

  1. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    1. Fair pay. Base rates must be consulted with drivers before any major changes to the price are being made. Rates must allow for proper car maintenance, petrol, deprecation, services and odd major repairs while leaving drivers with at least minimum wage. Most drivers in Victoria are making a loss driving at current base rates.

    It is RSDU’s view that current base rates should be immediately increased and be brought in line with Sydney rates. Some flexibility in rates must also be allowed to compensate for wide petrol price fluctuations.

    Uber Drivers in Melbourne demand the following minimum rates to make driving at base rates viable:

    Base Fare: $2.50
    Per KM: $1.45
    Per minute: $0.45
    Minimum Fare: $9.00

    2. There must be a limit to the number of hours a driver can work per day, which can not exceed 12 hours. There have been numerous reports about drivers dossing off at the wheel after driving 14+ hour shifts, just to make ends meet and take home minimum pay. Absence of such a limit on the current Uber platform is a safety issue and a liability.

    3. Uber deactivation policy is too harsh leaving drivers with no chance of defending their case while they may face loss of their only income. Uber must use a proper due process before deactivating drivers. In matters of urgency when a driver must be deactivated, Uber must compensate this driver at a minimum wage for at least 3 weeks while the matter is being resolved. Most drivers depend on their Uber income. They can not just be cut off their only source of income with no notice.

    4. Uber should not be applying its commission on GST paid by drivers. Uber must pay their own share of GST. Drivers are currently paying GST on full fare whichincludes Uber commission. This is just wrong, especially after the latest GST court case Uber vs ATO.

    5. Once applicable, Increase flag fall by $2.00 to account for new Government levy. Passenger to pay.

    6. add your own...

    Melbourne Uber drivers list of Suggestions
    These are optional and are recommended by RSDU as we believe they will further improve the Uber service in Melbourne:

    1. Uber should introduce a basic “knowledge” test/customer service skills test for new recruits and existing drivers. There should also be a basic English knowledgetest.

    2. Uber should introduce higher night rates (starting after 11:00pm).

    3. Uber should cap or wind down the amount of new drivers it accepts and offer more incentives to its current experienceddrivers. Flooding the market with new drivers degrades the service and worsen pay and work conditions for all other drivers.

    4. Drivers should be provided with morefilter trips. At least 4 per day to help them better plan their working day and have more control over their daily income.

    5. Uber should allow for a tipping option

    6. add your own...
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2017
  2. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    Please register with the forum (free) and add your suggestions/comments below. I will update this list as we progress with the discussion.
  3. L5S

    L5S New Member

    More than 2 filter trips a day... i only want airport trip waste of time calling 10 pax then cancel due to no airport!!
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