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Safety, security and Income

Discussion in 'Melbourne | Uber Drivers Forum' started by Jay$, Oct 23, 2020.

  1. To all drivers in Australia. Uber, Ola, Didi is taking drivers for granted. It’s about time that we show them that we are in control not them.
    Our earning is below the minimum wage.
    No job security. You are working and then suddenly you get a message your account has been deactivated.
    This list goes on and I know you all aware of what’s going on !!
    Now it’s the time to take action ..
    First thing make all your friend who drive Rideshare join the group. Then leave the rest to me. I will fix them up.
    We need to stop putting up with these bullshit. Enough is enough ...
    Everything customer said is true!! Driver is always at fault.....Not anymore!!
    We are getting paid peanuts!
    We have the power to be in control. We will force the Ombusmand, media. CPV to act
    I am a rideshare driver same like you all.. I have been driving for more than 4yrs. I seen it all.
    lately current affair got a driver deactivated because customer was holding hand in an Ola. I feel sorry for that driver as uber, didi block him. He has no job. Do you really believe that he got upset cause they were holding hands. Lol. We are no fool. This need to stop.
    If you want to make a difference believe me we can.
    Together we are stronger than them.
    Thank you all ..
  2. You can reach out to the respective companies and government bodies to voice your issues and seek solutions. Besides, research and understand the policies and regulations related to the industry to ensure fair treatment.

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