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    This is an introductory guide if you are new to the forum and/or new to ride sharing.

    Immediate things to consider :
    1. As a driver, for taxation, you must register an ABN and pay GST quarterly via BAS.
    GST is payable on the first $1 you earn and calculated on the total fare, including commission, any surge, any extras plus any tolls. GST is collected on the total payment made by the customer, not the amount paid to the driver. ATO can see your bank statements.

    2. Maintain a logbook - to track distance travelled for business and private usage.
    Newsagents and Officeworks sell approved vehicle log books or there are apps that can do this.

    3. Get car insurance that specifically covers ride-sharing. Members have mentioned NRMA and Allianz.

    4. Contact RMS and have your rego changed from private to business use as it impacts your CTP.

    5. You need a DA (Driver Authority) which you can get yourself or through Uber.
    Cost is $45 either way.
    Included is a requirement to supply a Criminal History Check. Members have mentioned using NCC.

    6. Maintain a record of all income and expenses including keeping receipts for petrol etc.

    7. See a tax agent to ensure you are compliant.

    Where can you get information?
    1. The driver app should be your primary source. Explanations of most features can usually be found in the app under Account> Help>. The driver app also links to Community Guidelines etc.

    2. Attend the free Uber presentations at a Greenlight Hub. You will learn and understand quickly and by asking questions.

    3. Uber web site for partners.

    4. Local Uber web site. This comprehensive resource includes car and driver requirements, city/airport information, surging, when and where hotspots, what and when you get paid, events etc.

    5. Review this Australian wiki guide. It covers first day info, tax, using cameras, transporting children, alcohol, record keeping spreadsheets, service animals etc.

    6. Uber contract terms (TOS)

    Other advice
    1. CBD navigation. Drive around and become familiar with the CBD before going online.

    2. Problems with Maps?

    3. Where is it OK to stop? Drivers have no special privileges.

    4. How much will I earn?

    5. Petrol pricing sites.

    6. Need a toilet break?
    Also petrol stations, shopping centres, clubs, pubs, fast food outlets etc.

    7. Need a car wash or mess cleaned up?
    Gold Car Wash in Alexandria, 44 O'Riordan St. Open 24 hours. Ask if they give a discount to Uber drivers. Get receipt for tax.
    Also check this thread.
    Cleaning up vomit?

    8. Places to eat.

    9. Speed and red light cameras. Uber will not pay for your traffic infringements.:(
    WAZE lists all cameras or check

    10. Uber commission is 25% if you signed up after April 2016, 20% before.

    11. What fuel to use?

    Warning. Uber support is well known for not addressing your issue. They supply preprogrammed answers which are based on key words resulting in unrelated responses. You need to persist.

    Note: Uber generally has no phone contact. Uber now prefer you to use the driver app. Account>Help>and then select relevant option or go to the Greenlight Hub.
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    When do you get paid?

    Drivers have experienced 'problems' regarding when they believe they should get their weekly pay.
    Some drivers have reported that deposits are regularly in their account (eg Tuesdays) then complain when the deposit is not there then.

    Why some payments happen prior to Thursday is a mystery... maybe related to fake surges and ghost cars.:rolleyes:

    The bottom line is that Uber states payment is Thursdays. Any earlier would seem to be a bonus.

    See extract and link

    "How and When Payment Happens
    • Each pay period begins on Monday at 4am and ends on the following Monday at 3:59am.
    • You will receive an email on Mondays with a link to your pay statement. You can also log in to your Partner Dashboard at and click on ‘Pay Statements’ on the left hand side to see each weekly statement.
    • Your earnings are provided via direct deposit into your bank account every Thursday.
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    I'd rather stay here actually
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    I like InStyle he is absolutely pro driver and against Uber's antics. We need to invite him over here.
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    First time reading that but I don't think he is an Uber mole. I've been reading his posts in Brisbane forum for a long time and he is great in my opinion. If he is an uber worker he is doing a terrible job for their brand because he is always anti-uber and pro driver.

    Having said that maybe he has devoted so much of his time to moderating UP that he doesn't want to see members move over to this new forum.
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