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Traffic Fines Whilst Driving Uber

Discussion in 'Melbourne | Uber Drivers Forum' started by Emre, Nov 17, 2018.

  1. Emre

    Emre New Member

    In the last 5 years of driving I have not received one traffic fine (except for a parking ticket) and I live in inner city Melbourne and drive a lot.

    I've now been driving Uber for 3 weeks and think I have caught two red light offences.

    The first one at the airport where they were doing road works and made a detour to turn left to go to terminal 2 and upon confusion of where to turn for T2, looking at GPS and Passenger talking I caught the red.

    The second one was 7am this morning on chappel intersection and the didi app gave me the wrong location for passenger pick up so the pax called me.

    I stopped my car in the bus lane and turned my hazards on so that I could talk to the passenger and put his correct address into maps manually as it was telling me the passenger pick up is exactly where i was.. but maybe my front real was just parked just over the line hence triggering a flash... (im a bit confused about this one) and it is possible the cameras were testing or something but the line is quite a fair bit back from the lights and it's possible that it couldve been me that was flashed...

    Not to mention in the city half the time i don't even know what the speed limit actuallyis for the road im travelling on as all the 40 and 30 zones have the signs hiding behind trees and make it very hard to be visible... so most the time i just drive 40 to be safe.. even if its a 50 or 60 zone and only pick up speed once i see the 60 sign...

    My question... can uber ban me for traffic fines like this and can they see my traffic record? I'm a bit worried about it... and even if i do use up all 12 demerit points which seems likely now after possibly already receiving 8 in 3 weeks after been clean of any demerit points in 5 years... i hear some drivers been deqctivated in america for traffic offences but nothing about australia.. if i lose my license knock on wood, i plan to go over seas for a couple of months whilst without one... but can uber deactivate me for this and in Australia do they get to see our traffic infringements on background checks like they do in the usa?

    Thank you..
  2. Uberx zoom

    Uberx zoom Well known member (founder)

    Many long term drivers are around the 8 or more demerit points. Driving full time around Melbourne has its price.

    CPVV are likly to inform Uber of a loss of a driver's license/DA once that driver goes over the 12 points limit, but i am yet to hear of such cases.

    Drive carfully.
  3. Emre

    Emre New Member

    Thank you.

    I am really trying to drive carefully.

    I just feel it is really bloody tough in the city... i had so many fares yesterday in and around the city and i could spot at least 15 40km sign posts that were planted right behind a tree that made them barely visible if you kept your eye on the road (I had to turn my head just when i was approaching the sign to see it at all)...

    If google maps can't have live speed limit notifications and they bought there competitor "waze" to kill them off, (waze is no different to maps now) then this government should not be able to make it this hard for us on the road.. I want to take full responsibility for myself on the road, is there any tips or advice you can give me? I received a msg gmfrom uber saying their maps will have live speed limit alerts for the road we are travelling on, but i hear their navigator sends drivers through dead end streets?

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