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  1. mule

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    Recently I had a pick up where the rider was standing in a place where I was likely to get fined if I stopped (busy bus stop, police on the road).

    So I drove past the passenger and pulled into a driveway where I was less likely to be fined or cause an obstruction to buses.

    I messaged to rider and told them my position and that I had hazard lights on to help them find my car. It was only about 50 metres away from the rider.

    Anyway, after the trip my rating dropped significantly and I received this warning report from Uber:


    It goes on to say "..if you go to the pick up location the rider selected in the app, you can usually avoid these misunderstandings."

    So there you have it. I try to do the right thing by the law and Uber punishes me for it with a patronising report. And now, with a lower rating I am one step closer to deactivation from Uber as Uber requires I maintain a high rating.

    I have since asked Uber to remove the 'report' and they are refusing to do so.

    What is the deal here? If I get fined Uber takes no responsibility. If I do a legal pick up, the rider can complain, I lose ratings and then Uber sends me warnings and tells me I could be deactivated from Uber if this continues.

    On top of this Uber has made no (absolutely zero) effort to educate their riders on safe and legal pick ups. How hard would it be for Uber to add a reminder before people press the request button that says 'Please make sure you are not in a bus or taxi zone as the driver will be liable for all fines and demerit points'.

    But of course, Uber doesn't do that, why would they? They still get their massive 25% commission and bare no risk if we get fined. So the illegal pick ups continue to roll in. Uber wouldn't want to inconvenience a rider after all they may have to walk 50 metres and may decided to use public transport instead of booking an Uber.

    Currently I have several fines from being an Uber driver plus a court case coming up soon because rider took of his seat belt before the car came to a complete stop (without my knowledge as I was focused on driving).

    What sickens me most about all this is that Uber have been blatantly lying to me (their so called 'partner') for several months.

    Yes, they message me saying things like "we are working 24/7 to educate riders about facilitating safe and legal pick ups"

    Well guess what?

    I've been asking every single rider for the last 30 days and not a single rider has ever received any information from Uber about what is an acceptable and legal pick up location. So Uber's claims to be 'educating' riders is a complete lie.

    As far as I am concerned this means Uber has been deceiving partners and could be construed as negligence.

    I believe their deceitful conduct makes them partly responsible and liable for all my Uber-related fines as they are essentially misleading me and threatening me with termination (via the rating system) if I don't accept the risky and illegal pick ups.
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  2. That's just a script that is triggered by an option being selected by the rider when they do not 5 star you. Think nothing of it. Next time drive around the block, and when you PASS GO, collect $7.50!!
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  3. mule

    mule Member

    I don't care about what it says but the fact that doing legal pickups only would very quickly result deactivation so it does matter.
  4. I'd go for the cancel fee too. That's what its there for.
  5. Riders Champion

    Riders Champion Well-Known Member

    For me, since the pax is there, I would pick them up where @mule was. So what if they complain about it? It's not a common thing yet. My rating can handle it. Yes, it's damn frustrating but that's the job we have. Modern day shit kickers.
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  6. eXploitation

    eXploitation Active Member

    for the sharp ones in Melbourne the cbd is great for cancel fees
  7. Riders Champion

    Riders Champion Well-Known Member

    Same for Sydney too. It takes at least 5 mins to come back around so its real easy to justify.
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  8. HumungousDill

    HumungousDill Active Member

    Have you only just realsiesd ?
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  9. mule

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    I post it here so that if they ever deactivate me for a low rating I will get a lawyer claim it was unfair termination of contract because my rating was low as a result of inconveniencing customers by doing legal picks only.
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  10. Riders Champion

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    Uber has the stats on what caused your rating to drop and unless this example is the highest percentage of 1-4 star ratings it means little.
  11. mule

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    It will be. My rating would be around 4.95 if it wasn't for the occasional person giving me 1 star for things out of my control. Like a woman last night blamed me that she was late to dinner despite me arriving within a minute of accepting the request in Bondi. She told me to 'step on it'. I refused to go over the speed limit. She jumped out of my car at the traffic lights and left my door open. This morning I check my rating and it has dropped by point 1. That's down .3 this week the other two were because I refused to pick up in a dodgy and illegal place.
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  12. skyco

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    This system is unfair and was obviously designed by a sociopath to exploit drivers and treat them like they are pawns.

    I wouldn't read too much into one or two cases. Learn the lesson and act accordingly. When in the cbd never call or text the pax. Park in a safe place and run the stopwatch. Cancel "rider no show" at 5.40 minutes and get the hell out of there as fast as you can.

    That will educate both, the customer and Uber.

    If later Uber reverse the cancelation then dispute the reversal and demand payment as per thier terms and conditions.

    Fuck'em both time is money.
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  13. mule

    mule Member

    I would really love the app the have a built in timer so we knew when it had been 5 minutes without having to fiddle around with 3rd party timers.
  14. skyco

    skyco Active Member

    I use my phone timer. Every android phone has them built in, the stopwatch is included within the time alarm app.
  15. mule

    mule Member

    Yep that's what I do too but still something that Uber could easily integrate into app to show that YES it has been 5 minutes without flicking between the two apps
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  16. Riders Champion

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    I just look at the time on my phone when the app changes on arrival and then 6 min later select no show!

    Why 6?

    Because once Uber bots refused to pay me for 4min 59sec as per their time stamps.

    Also if you cancel sharp on 5 it looks like you are waiting for it. This way, the varied time stamps work in your favour.
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  17. Riders Champion

    Riders Champion Well-Known Member

    Sometimes there are driver skills that can be used to turn such situations to your advantage.

    Whenever the rider is in a rush and especially when they ask me to hurry, i rev my accelerator more than usual, often while stationary or just starting after stopping. Going from 0 to the speed limit fast is legal and doesn't waste your fuel as long as you don't have to brake hard soon after.

    It gives the impression that you care, but doesn't break any laws. Unless you drive a fully sic car then hoon laws may apply.

    Perception is everything. My rating is 4.85, and has remained constant all year. Up from last year, which was 4.82-4.84.

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  18. Scully99

    Scully99 Active Member

    That's what I do too, 6 mins ample time for pax to come and you can dispute it with uber if they don't credit the cancel fee..

    I had same problem a few months back....canceled at 5;10mins but uber argued that it was 4:59mins so I missed out..
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  19. skyco

    skyco Active Member

    Yes i think 6 minutes will be the safest.

    I'de start pulling out at around 5.40 though and cancel once im allready on the move. Dont want anyone jumping into the car after the 5 minutes wait. Sorry too late.
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  20. mule

    mule Member

    Why wait a second over 5 minutes? As soon as my timer goes off if the rider is not near the car they don't deserve a lift. Only exception would be if you are in a remote area and desperate for any trip to get back to the core.
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