Uber now being forced to implement 12hrs Maximum driving shifts in Melbourne

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    12 hours maximum driving shifts are finally being implemented in Melbourne.

    This is yet another great achievement for the RSDU and we are happy to see Uber finally being forced to implement these changes in Victoria.

    For the skeptics, see below a link to an old article on The Age dated March 2017, Mentioning our "12hrs shifts" core demand, a demand we've been making from the get-go.

    Article link (our second ever strike in Melbourne):

    Only actual driving time counts towards the limit.
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    The trap is that the driver believes that they are only "on the job" for the time that Uber tracks them in the app. The reality is that for a driver who turns the app off to drive out of a bad area or drive away from the airport on an early morning shift is actually doing more hours for their money.
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    Are you sure the app continue to track movement/time even when OFF?... have you tried ?
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