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Discussion in 'Sydney | Uber Drivers Forum' started by qykzoo, Apr 11, 2018.

  1. qykzoo

    qykzoo New Member

    Hi ALl,
    Anyone had an experience like this for UberPool..

    Pick up at Lewisham, head towards Stanmore, pick up next just before drop-off of first rider, get next ping to pickup not-to-far-away (ie 1km), pickup and then drop 2nd rider at Ultimo, and then head to 3rd rider destination of Bondi....all this for a nett of $26.00 --- Seems that 3 pickups, 3 distant (not close) destinations, 3 riders... all got a large discount that i essentially paid for... whole trip 30+ minutes...

    Different to the first ride where i pickup in Bathurst Street and then Taylor Square and both at Bondi (within 1klm of each other).

    Logic says that the first described trip was not UBER pool rather 3 separate trips...

    Any logic to this Pool process would see me cancelling trips
  2. Uberx zoom

    Uberx zoom Well known member (founder)

    We have no experience here in Melbourne with pool yet.

    If this what it is then it is better not to accept any pool requests.

    Tell Uber what you think about this monstrosity by registering and driving for the competition.
  3. Jason

    Jason Member

    I certainly wouldn't take uber pools jobs.

    It's not worth it, no different than Uber Eats really
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  4. HSnypeR

    HSnypeR Member

    Wow those customers must of gotten pretty good discount.

    I personally wouldn't take Uberpool.
  5. Andy

    Andy New Member

    me too
  6. river view

    river view Member

    Uber take 11% commission when just 1 rider is transported. IMG_0847.PNG IMG_0847.PNG
  7. Uberx zoom

    Uberx zoom Well known member (founder)

    Have you done a "normal" pool trip RV? With a number of passangers.

    Please share your experience.
  8. Uberx zoom

    Uberx zoom Well known member (founder)

    Re: Upfront fares. As requested by RSDU, a reporter from the ABC (David Chau) is now working on the story and would like to hear from drivers about thier experience with upfront fares.

    See image below for David's post over our Facebook group, including his contact details. "Off the record" or "full frontal", totaly up to you.

    Here is your chance to tell Australia the real story beyond Uber's upfront fares. Don't miss this opportunity. Please contact David by email to organise a chat.


  9. Glenn

    Glenn New Member

    I agree definitely do not accept uber pool rides it,s not worth the money for the trip very much like uber eats . The more drivers we can get to do the same should hopefully bring a stop to drivers being under paid and over worked !
  10. Jason

    Jason Member

    If your acepting Uber Poo, your ruining Rideshare for all of us.
    If you take one, your ripped off and that's your own fault
  11. river view

    river view Member

    I have had about 7 POOL rides now. One POOL with 2 riders in the vehicle, another POOL with one rider after the other. So far the commission is 11% for all rides. My concerns about commission rate are:
    1. what is stopping Uber changing commission to the headline rate of 27.5%?
    2. is 11% an introductory rate?

    Riders report first POOL ride free, then varying expectations about what they will save after the first ride. Again, not sure if introductory offer is in effect after 1st ride.

    Will check all my POOL rides over the next couple of days.
  12. river view

    river view Member

    I had to go back over POOL rides taking into account the Uber fee, net fare, tolls and calculate fare based on Uber X rates for distance and time, then apply the commission.

    Pool 1) 1 ride
    Commission 23%; Uber payment (Net Fare): $10.22; Net variance: -$1.86

    Pool 2) 1 ride; as per previously posted screen shots for fare
    Commission 11%; Uber payment (Net Fare): $31.95; Net variance: -$1.16

    Pool 3) 1 ride
    Commission 11%; Uber payment (Net Fare): $8.98; Net variance: -$3.15

    Pool 4) 2 rides: the second riders trip started and ended within the 1st riders trip
    Commission 16.3%; Uber payment (Net Fare): $18.29; Net variance: +$2.00

    Pool 5) 1 ride
    Commission 19.4%; Uber payment (Net Fare): $14.62; Net variance: $+0.07

    Pool 6) 1 ride
    Commission 19.44%; Uber payment (Net Fare): $13.55; Net variance: $-0.17

    Pool 7) 1 ride
    Trip request received prior to end of 1st trip, Uber recognised this as a separate POOL to previous POOL
    Commission 11%; Uber payment (Net Fare): $10.84; Net variance: $-4.43
    Last edited: Jun 5, 2018
  13. river view

    river view Member

    Did these fares appear as one POOL in Uber Transaction list or was it multiple POOLS. It appears that you get ripped off more on subsequent rides if request is stacked and starts after first POOL ride.
  14. river view

    river view Member

    The UberPool Addendum says that the fee will vary between 11% and 45% depending on the number of rides and other factors affecting the overall POOL trip. Well looking at my rides, I can't see a pattern to factors affecting commission rates for POOL trips completed.
  15. I am confused about a Pool trip that I did the other day, it was the second trip I have done. I've accepted it to see for myself how pool works.

    The trip was for one passenger, no one else joined. The CTP 10 cent per Km NSW government free for a 2.4 km trip was 8 cents when it should have been 24 cents. I think it was calculated with the assumption that 2 other riders will join the initial passenger.

    Now isn't that short changing the state government, Or is there a loop hole here that it allows this to happen?

    Can you check you trip with one passenger and confirm if the CTP fee was correctly calculated at 10 cents per Km? If not maybe the local government would now be enticed to pay attention to this system.
  16. Little Red Corvette

    Little Red Corvette New Member

    I've started taking pool rides again, but I will once again stop taking them tommorow. My new gripe with Uber pool is the stupidity of the pick up locations they suggest. In places on major intersections where it is next to impossible to actually pick up a rider let alone wait for them, unless you are stuck at a red light.

    For example, this week I already got told to pick up a rider in the major intersection of William Street and Darlinghurst Road kings cross at the traffic lights under the Coca Cola sign, impossible to wait for a rider there. Another pick up spot given to me was corner of the busy intersection of Wattle street and William Henry Street Ultimo.

    Uber needs to give drivers better pickup points for their uber pool rides away from busy peak hour intersections.

    On top of being shortchanged, it is impossible to wait for riders at most pick up points suggested by Uber pool. Until this is all addressed properly by Uber and fixed, I will not be taking pool trips any longer.
  17. DriverX

    DriverX Active Member

    Pool rides are a total waste of time (unless on a 1.5 surge or more). You are also likly to get shortchanged considerably if the first rider cancels.

    Personally I wouldn’t touch UberPool with a 10 foot pole.
  18. Jason

    Jason Member

    Don't do Uber poo full stop, it works in 3rd world asian countries and I've used it there. Because you have a super dence population in a small erea.
    You won't make money out of it in Australian cities full stop. Unless to have something you can pile in that fits 44 or more people and the rest can sit on the roof lol
  19. Uberx zoom

    Uberx zoom Well known member (founder)

    Or on x1.7 surge or over.
  20. Jason

    Jason Member

    Just don't do it full stop, ever been to Manila where the taxi market is not capped and out of control. Hardly looks like Australia and it's shamefull it's going that way in this country

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