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Uber Pre IPO, 8th May, 2019 Global Strike Results

Discussion in 'All other USA States | Uber & Lyft Drivers' started by Uberx zoom, May 11, 2019.

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    Uber pre IPO strike and protest rallies were completed successfully in several countries around the world.

    Thousands of drivers in the United States, United Kingdom, United States, Brazil and Australia took part, switching off their Uber driver app, rallying and protesting in front of Uber offices in many cities.

    This was RideShare Drivers United’s second International coordinated strike and we are happy to report impressive drivers attendance in most countries (our first international coordinated strike code named Fast4 took place 5th September 2018).

    Read the full announcement here:
  2. Hello,
    I am a female driver in the Bay area. I have beenbdriving for both Lyft and Uber for approximately 4 years (most on Uber app). Collectively I have approximately 14000 rides and have maintained a 4.97 plus rating the entire time. I signed up with a local organizing group several months ago but have not heard from them. I was not aware of strike specifics in my area but did turn off the app last Wednesday in solidarity. I would like information on how to get involved, I have administrative skills, and am interested in the next steps. I believe with Uber and Lyft stock doing so poorly, this is a great time to increase awareness and demand change. I was speaking to a passenger yesterday and spoke about how isolated we are as drivers. Though the Bay Area is saturated with drivers I rarely have an opportunity to interact with other drivers. His suggestion was to erect billboards in major cities to organize drivers. I think it is a genius idea and will send a clear message to rideshare companies that we are not going away. I would also like to hear your input on that and any suggestions on who I can contact locally to help. Another thing that happened out of the last strike was it got national attention and support from national law makers. This may be a good time, considering that we are ramping up for an election cycle, to meet with potential candidates or supporters of the strike (Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, AOC, etc). Again I am more than willing to help, just need direction.

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