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VE Aircon - Stuck On Heat / Wont Calibrate?

Discussion in 'All Car Models' started by bigdaddycool, Dec 20, 2017.

  1. bigdaddycool

    bigdaddycool New Guest Member

    So I have a 09 VE SS. Custom IQ Unit, HVAC etc...... (not that it matters).

    Recently, the rear seat vents started blowing only hot air, I tried the hold rear window heat thing to recalibrate the aircon actuators etc.... then it got 100% stuck on heat for the whole car.

    I figured it might just be out of juice aircon wise as I did a cam upgrade 7 months ago and basically let out some gas...... got the aircon regased, nothing...... still the same.

    Pulled apart the dash, ran the calibration test with the actuators off(unscrewed just hanging freely)....... seemed fine, swapped two around, no change.....

    Is it just an actuator not being strong enough to move the main area (passenger side middle).

    Has anyone else had this? HVAC looks fine, pulled all the actuators and hvac apart etc....

    Just happened out of nowhere..... for now i've just removed the actuator that locked it on hot and forced cold ....... as it's summer.

    See my tech 2 messages below.... any holden techs? (not all messages may apply as it's a custom hvac unit - resistors acting as car sensors etc) I think just the recirculate motor pulses message is the one that matters.

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