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Victoria - HC (Hire Car) Licence cut off date, by 31/12/2017

Discussion in 'Melbourne | Uber Drivers Forum' started by DriverX, Nov 15, 2017.

  1. DriverX

    DriverX Active Member

    All vehicles operating as a commercial passenger vehicle in Victoria must be licensed under the Commercial Passenger Vehicle Industry Act 2017 . You have until the 31 December 2017 to do this.

    How to apply
    1. Download and complete the Hire car licence application form
    2. Pay the annual licence administration fee .
    3. Provide details of the vehicle you intend to operate.
    Once you have completed the application form, submit it with all relevant information, including the $52.90 annual licence administration fee, via email , sending it in by mail, or submitting it in person at our Customer Service Centre.

    Note: payment must be made by EFTPOS or credit card, or by completing section 8 of the application form. Section 8 must be completed if you submit your application by post. Cash and cheques are not accepted.

    The annual licence administration fee is non-refundable.

    Click here to visit the Taxi Services Commision website for more information and to download an application form.


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