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What's your substance?

Discussion in 'Melbourne | Uber Drivers Forum' started by mule, Apr 13, 2017.

  1. mule

    mule Member

    I'm not sure about you but I think part of the reason I drive for Uber is because it's an excuse to feed my caffeine addiction.

    I've seriously tried driving without coffee for a few days but doing Uber became a whole lot more boring, exhausting and less rewarding.

    I need some kind of a substance to dull my senses so I can get through the tedious interactions with people that would otherwise annoy me.
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  2. eXploitation

    eXploitation Active Member

    Dont know if it dulls senses
    I think brain starts working with more power and better able to deal with and rationalise the crap of the day

    Think of it like the story about the man chopping wood but is pissed off with his shit life
    They are then encouraged to go away and seek enlightment
    After a good while of self discovery the dude finds this enlightenment
    They then immediately back to chopping wood
    Fulfilled for good

    I tried giving up coffee once
    First two days was headaches
    By thursday morning everything felt boring and tastless
    By thursday lunch i was drinking coffee
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  3. mule

    mule Member

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