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Your Australian rideshare operation is illegal

Discussion in 'Perth | Uber Drivers Forum' started by KathE, Feb 18, 2019.

  1. Hi everyone, I got done for tapping my mobile phone more then once whilst in the cradle. I was accepting a job at the time. I did contest it in court here in WA and according to the law we are not allowed to touch our phones even once for a job. Everyone can answer a call by tapping once if the phone is in a cradle but not for anything else. So I started a petition on change.org called “Help your Australian rideshare driver stay in operation”. Please proceed there to sign the petition. If you are operating in Australia the cops have free reign to pull you up at any time. With the new cameras to be implemented you are all at risk of being lumped together with illegal mobile phone users while driving. The petition will go to ministers of transport around the country to make achange in legislation that protects us from unnecessary fines and demerit points

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  2. Little Red Corvette

    Little Red Corvette New Member

    I would definitely take it to court to fight it out.

    If that were the case, why on earth do shops even bother selling mobile phone cradles for cars? It makes no sense to sell them to members of the public who drive a car if they were illegal to use.

    I would say it was a money hungry police officer with nothing better to do than make some more money for the day by boosting their quotas.
  3. You should sign the petition on change.org to change the law. Refer original post for details. And tell everyone you know to get behind the petition too.
  4. Little Red Corvette

    Little Red Corvette New Member

    Signed it and shared it.

    I see that in your infringement you may have tapped it multiple times whilst your vehicle was moving. Not sure if that's currently legal, and sometihng I never do anyway, I only do one swipe when I accpet a job if my vehicle is in motion, then usually navigate if I need to at the next place where my vehicle comes to a stop. I usually pull over if I need to make a call to a rider or message a rider, or I do it at a red light where my vehicle is fully stopped.
  5. Can you link your petition here please.

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