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Airport Waiting Lot Always full?

Discussion in 'Melbourne | Uber Drivers Forum' started by Emre, Nov 14, 2018.

  1. Emre

    Emre New Member

    I had a couple of good long fares to Melbourne airport with Didi and always when going online with Uber to get directions to the Uber waiting Lot, Uber X seems to be full. Is this normal occurence?

    And are we allowed to drop passengers off at the international departure terminals up the ramp? An airport security gave me a cold stare when he saw the Uber sticker on my car and made me think if I'm actually allowed to drop passengers off here or not?

  2. Yes you can drop off passenger at the airport but must be registered and approved for pickups
  3. Emre

    Emre New Member

    How do I register and get approved for pick ups? Isnt being registered with uber enough? And what's a way that i can maximise my time well spent when dropping off if the waiting lot is always full?

    Thank you for your time.
  4. coolair

    coolair Member

    Anyone knows where's Didi's holding bay in Melbourne airport?
  5. Emre

    Emre New Member

    My understanding is that you can use ubers. Are you not driving for uber and didi?
  6. coolair

    coolair Member

    I do but hardly ever wait for a ride back in the airport anymore. I may try waiting for a Didi ride next time i'm there. Any idea how long it normally takes?
  7. Emre

    Emre New Member

    In fact I haven't ever been able tp wait at the airport for a ride back as my app always shows the uber x waiting lot is full whenever I'm there... from the previois assistance in this thread I think it's because I haven't registered for airport pick up, I'm going to the greenhub on wednesday and I will ask them about it...

    When you waited at the airport in the past did your app say uber x is full? Maybe i should jist go there and its an app glitch?

    Sorry I can't answer your question about how long...

    If I was you and you can wait in the lot I would jist leqve both apps open and take the first job from the waiting lot.. on the didi app it sais i can wait in the uber waiting lot so im assuming that lot is for all rideshare companies? Maybe I'm wrong though..
  8. Greg Bartlett

    Greg Bartlett New Member

    Wait times on the Uber app are nearly always high showing "Lot Full". The waiting bay holds around 150 cars but is often over full with drivers double parked. You can choose to go to the lot and wait, but be prepared to sit for up to 2 hours depending on the time and day of the week.
    Both Didi and Ola will show your approximate position in the queue however you will not see this until you enter the lot. The waiting bay is for "Rideshare Vehicles" not exclusive to Uber.

    You will need to be approved by the airport / all three companies separately to pick up from the airport. This is done by applying with each of them. You will not get rides from the AP unless approved.
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  9. Emre

    Emre New Member

    Thank you for this info!

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