RSDU announcing NO Uber! Drivers Log-OFF Monday, 4/9/2017

No Uber! Log-OFF Monday, 4/9/2017.

We call on all members and any other Uber driver in Australia to join us on this day and SWITCH OFF their driver app from 6:30am until 5pm in protest over our poor pay and working conditions, safety concerns and Uber failure to comply with our demands.

For well over a year now, Uber continues to ignore their “driver partners” and insist on keeping base fare rates at loss making unsustainable levels, entirely at drivers expense. We, therefore, call on all Uber drivers in Australia to unite on this day and join us by Logging-OFF your driver app and staying OFFLINE from 6:30am until 5pm. Speak with one voice send Uber (yet again) a message they should not ignore.

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With current unsustainable base rates, a “sweatshop” is being run under everyone’s noses for far too long. Drivers are being misclassified as contractors, underpaid and being denied even the most basic job entitlements, in sharp contrast to Australian fair work laws and standards.

RSDU has recently filed a complaint with Fair Work Ombudsman asking for an investigation to be launched into Uber’s working relations with its drivers. This investigation is ongoing and we thank the dozens of drivers who have come forward and are actively taking part. We await with interest Fair Work Australia investigation results and will update all members as soon as there are more news.

We strongly feel that Uber insistence on building a business based on exploiting drivers is bad for Uber, bad for drivers, bad for the ridesharing industry in general and ultimately bad for this country as it will slowly create more and more poverty. The model Uber are adopting is akin to “predatory pricing” ensuring no viable competitors can survive while Uber drivers are set (by Uber) to carry the entire burden with no say on the matter. This is in sharp contrast to Uber’s claims of drivers being sub-contracted “partners”.

RSDU believe it is in drivers’ best interest, even duty, to collectively work together towards changing this situation, demanding fair working conditions and pay. These are the basics when it comes to ensuring a healthy, sustainable ride sharing industry in this country and are non-negotiable. The exploitation of cheap labor must immediately be looked at closely and fixed.

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RSDU is also calling on any other new RideShare operators entering the market to lead by example and ensure a fair and sustainable platform for both drivers and passengers. RSDU will help support and promote to its members any new RideShare platforms that can offer sustainable base rates and does not rely on exploiting drivers and their cars.

Drivers, remember: It’s Your car! Your time! Your investment! Your Rules!

Uber driver, Log-OFF Monday 4/9/2017 from 6:30AM until 5:00PM  is your chance to stand firm for your rights and have your say together with thousands of other drivers Australia wide.

Join us and Log-OFF your driver app, Monday 4th September, 2017 from 6:30am until 5pm. Let’s all stand together, speak with one voice and let Uber management and our Government departments hear our message loud and clear, enough is enough!

Remain united! Only together can we make a difference!
RSDU – RideShare Drivers United

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Help us spread the news. Please share this page to your Facebook and Twitter feeds. You can also print out leaflets from this link. Feel free to distribute the leaflets at central driver meet ups like airport holding zones or similar. It is up to each and every one of us to make this event a success.  Please do.

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Click to print leaflets to give to other drivers

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