Uber introducing a 12 hours driving limit- Another great RSDU achievement!

Uber implement 12 hours driving limits

Uber recently announced the introduction of a 12 hours maximum driving shift limit, in an email to NSW drivers, starting November 2017.

12 hours shift driving limit was one of RSDU’s core demands since inception. Following our relentless campaigns, this demand is now being finally implemented. We’ve been pushing for this change since April 2016, Government bodies and Uber have finally taken notice!

We now expect Uber to proceed and implement the 12 hours maximum shift requirement in all other states in Australia, as soon as possible.

This is yet another great RSDU achievement! We are happy to see Uber implementing this change and hope to see them now proceed, follow GoCatch in increasing the base rates to sustainable levels Australia wide.

UPDATE 4/12/2017 – Uber announced this week they are to impose a 12 hours shift limit in Melbourne too, starting 8 December, 2017.


Here are our original letters to Uber April and June 2017 demanding these changes:


Press coverage (at the time) of our 12 hours shift limit demand


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