Uber Pre IPO, 8th May, 2019 Global Strike Results

Uber pre IPO strike and protest rallies were completed successfully in several countries around the world.

Thousands of drivers in the United States, United Kingdom, United States, Brazil and Australia took part, switching off their Uber driver app, rallying and protesting in front of Uber offices in many cities.

This was RideShare Drivers United’s second International coordinated strike and we are happy to report impressive drivers attendance in most countries (our first international coordinated strike code named Fast4 took place 5th September 2018).

The shortage of drivers in a number of cities created high surge conditions, an indication of drivers unity putting together a successful strike effort in these cities.

We may have not won the war on the 5th of May but wars are won one battle at a time. Our actions have generated a lot of political interest and media coverage ALL AROUND THE WORLD, highlighting our issues and starting a political debate.

Drivers! Our fight is not over, it is far from over. Uber is a multibillion corporation with a business model that rely on exploiting, shortchanging and cheating YOU the driver. All under the watch of our Government bodies or/and other organisations supposedly responsible to stop corporations from engaging in such activity.

Uber continue to claim they are working with their “independent partner” drivers, providing them with various feedback channels, support lines, roundtable meetings etc. but as many drivers will attest these channels are just a media PR and a waste of everyone’s time. Drivers feedback is being ignored, drivers are never consulted on upcoming major changes and their contract terms are often considerably changed for the worse, with very little notice.

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Drivers working conditions remain poor. This after ALL the feedback drivers have been providing Uber for the last 3 years or more, directly and via the press, in Australia and all around the world, in courts and on street demonstrations. Clearly! Uber doesn’t listen to feedback, Uber doesn’t want to listen to drivers feedback.

Thanks again to all of you committed brave and united drivers from around the world who participated in our strike on the 8th May and took a stand, insisting on protesting and working together to improve everyone’s working conditions and the future of the rideshare industry in your home country. Your actions are a true inspiration!

The RSDU intends to continue the fight for best drivers interests, help coordinate and centralize global efforts in bringing companies like Uber to take responsibility for their drivers welfare and lift their game. Forcing Uber to respect drivers fair pay and conditions and help create a sustainable and viable rideshare industry here and around the world.

We encourage drivers group leaders from all around the world to contact us for more information and to learn how to be part of this global united effort.

Stay united! Stay tuned! More to come…

Max B. – RideShare Drivers United

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