Billboard by RSDU – Turn a phone or tablet into an in-flight LCD display.

Have an old smartphone lying around? Why not turn it into an in-flight LCD display, using Billboard-by-RSDU.

Billboard-by RSDU can help you promote your other services or business to your riders while you are driving them to their destination.

Billboard-by-RSDU enables you to turn a smartphone or tablet into a billboard type slideshow capable of displaying text messages and images of your choice.

You can use Billboard-by-RSDU in your car to display messages to your passengers or at any other place where you would like to display a slideshow type message(s), text or/and images using just a smartphone or a tablet.

  • The app is easy to set up and offer two screens to display, the first screen display text, the second screen is an image slideshow.
  • Text styling can be done using HTML tags. Visit the app help file for more information on how to style your messages using HTML tags.

Billboard-by-RSDU is currently available on the Android platform and cost $1.99 to download. Proceeds from the sales of this app help supports our driver advocacy activities.

Click here to install Billboard-by-RSDU now…


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