Commercial passenger vehicle identification requirements – VIC/Australia

Did you know: Ride-share vehicles dont have to display an Uber decal to comply with vehicle hire regulations in Victoria.

According to CPV Victoria (Commercial Passenger Vehicles, formally known as the Taxi Commission), “All commercial passenger vehicles are required to display a form of identification when they’re in service, so they can be easily identified.”

Example: “Signs, symbols, notices or labels identifying the vehicle as a commercial passenger vehicle. This is an example of what to use: commercial passenger vehicle identifier decal (PDF, 29.5 KB)”

Which look like that :

Click image to download and print the official decal from the CPV Victoria website

Please visit the Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria website for more information. Uber would like to use your car for free branding and further market manipulation. As an “independent contractor” you dont have to agree with their request, you dont have to affix an Uber label. RSDU strongly recommend ride-share drivers in Victoria to affix the CPV decal instead.


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