Faulty Speed/Red Light Camera at Mount Waverley, Melbourne, Australia.

Faulty Speed & Red Light Camera. Blackburn St. and High St. Rd. intersection.

This video was made for all those drivers who received a speeding or red light camera fines over the intersection of High street road and Blackburn road in Mount Waverley, Melbourne.

The date of this video is 2nd March 2017. The time is 6:15AM. As you can see the camera at this intersection is clearly malfunctioning and randomly flashing, snapping passing cars.

The speed limit on that road is 60 km/h and as you can clearly see no cars are speeding or running a red light yet the camera keeps flashing randomly in an erratic manner.

We hope this video can help your case if you happen to receive a fine at that location. This camera is obviously faulty.

Thank you for watching and please share this video on your twitter and Facebook pages. There may be a lot of drivers who received fines at that location. Please help spread the word.


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