Media coverage of RSDU’s 10/4/2017 Uber Log-Off Strike


3AW Radio Podcast


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Channel Nine news:

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The Australian:
Download in a PDF format…s/news-story/e25db7d8b20b4d77a504770f7abef834

Hearld Sun…s/news-story/bfaca25e6e3730471c5baaf8e449d77a

Triple M


Sky News

Airtasker and Unions NSW come to agreement on minimum rates and workers’ compensation…agreement-minimum-rates-workers-compensation/

The rise of alt-unionism

Melbourne Uber drivers to ramp up protests

Do Not Cheat Employees with Rigged Incentives


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RSDU is deeply concerned by modern age wage exploitation and the dangers is poses to our society. We are committed to helping RideShare drivers from all around the world. Please contact us should you wish to start getting organised and start a collective action in your home country/state.

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